2020 NBA Draft predictions

Kind of bored and not related to Michigan. But just wanted to get people’s thoughts on the upcoming draft whenever it happens. If you guys were the Detroit Pistons and you get a top 2 pick in the draft, who would you guys go with?

For me I’d like to see them pursue either Lamelo Ball or Anthony Edwards if they get the opportunity. I think those two have some of the highest ceilings in the draft and the Pistons need backcourt pieces to build around Sekou Doumbouya and Christian Wood. If you are a tanking the team the best way to get out of that phase is to get stars then build around them. It’s harder to start with role players because if you do that then add a star but they don’t gel then you have to move the whole roster around. Look at what the Jazz did. Got Gobert and then Donavan Mitchell turned into a Day 1 star that nobody really anticipated and they went from a middling West team to a competitive playoff squad.

Edwards would be a potentially dynamic scorer while Ball would be a dynamic playmaker. Between the two I struggle choosing but think I’d lean towards Melo simply because I think his floor is a little higher. Even if he doesn’t develop a jumper or great defense he will still be an elite passer/playmaker and late clock creator, which makes me believe he will at worst be a solid backup PG.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts? Thoughts on other teams or whichever team you support. Who would you like to see where?

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I’d go Killian Hayes over Ball. Bonus: Doumboya and Hayes are dubbed “the French Revolution.”

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I think it’s extremely hard to win in the NBA without an elite point guard/passer. So I’d take Ball if they can get him. Otherwise I’d think hard about Wiseman. I’m not super high on Cole Anthony after what I saw this year, but you have to think about him. Also, I hope they’ve really scouted the relevant international players - the draft seems weak this year, so I might prefer to take a chance on an international player I feel really good about.

Anthony Edwards feels like Andrew Wiggins to me - high volume scorer, not real efficient, not much of a passer. We’ll see.

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Ball is intriguing as a top two pick. I’d probably go with him over Edwards given the choice.

What about the more likely scenario where the Pistons pick 5th or 6th? I’d like to see them take a PG other than Anthony. I also wouldn’t object to the freshman from Auburn if he’s still on the board.

I’ll have to watch some highlights, I haven’t seen much of him.

Honestly I think they should contemplate turning it into a pick for another year - the top of this draft is regarded as the weakest in a decade (but there is depth). I’m REALLY skeptical about Edwards. The one guy that seems to me to have the body and athleticism is Wiseman.

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I’m not sure there’s a player in the top 10 this season that doesn’t have some red flags or question marks. Edwards intrigues me the most, if we’re talking a top-2 candidate. He could be Donovan Mitchell, or he could be Wiggins, like LAW1 said.
Ball scares me the most, because of his dad and what I recall his shot-selection was. However, I haven’t seen much of him this past year.

It feels like there’s a ton of good players in the draft, but the top of the draft is a real question mark for who’s going number one through three which feels a bit odd. Pistons currently sit fifth in the draft. At that spot, I think you take the best available player and to me that’ll probably be Deni Avdija or Killian Hayes. Either of those is a good pick. Hayes solves the PG question for Detroit which is probably better considering there’s not really a stand-out point in the 2021 class (Cunningham, but the 2021 class is so deep that I think the home run potential of a superstar at another position with Hayes on board is better than just blindly shooting for #1), Avdija is another talented wing that can hopefully give some shooting.

I’d feel good about Haliburton at #5/


This does seem like it’s not the year to have the #1 pick. That is, unless you can trade it. IF they got the #1 pick and some team really coveted Wiseman, maybe there’s a market.

I think all three number one discussed prospects (Lamelo, Edwards, Wiseman) are all really talented, but yeah I think if I’m the GM of the team with the number one overall pick I’d try and get a nice haul for the pick.

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If I couldn’t get Ball or Edwards, I’d look at Avdija or Killian Hayes. If they can’t deal the pick for 1st round picks in 21, 22 or 23, then I think go for the guys with the highest upside in the draft. This is a weak draft as is so swing for the fences and hope for the best at this point. Worst case is the players don’t pan out and they are still bad in 21, 22 and 23, which should all be much deeper and have much more star power in those classes. Guys like Lamelo and Ant Man have serious Boom or Bust potential. I could see both becoming bonafide stars. I think Melo at worst is a backup PG who can really create for others. That’s why I’d prefer him I guess. I really disliked how he played in the past and the circus surrounding him but if you really watch him In the NBL this year he just looks like someone that could become a superstar. Crazy handles, creativity and length at the point of attack. If he actually tries to play defense he could be solid there as well with his length. People forget he’s still only 18. He’s one of the youngest players in the draft. He was supposed to be a senior in high school this year.

Ant Man is so explosive and he’s a better shooter than his numbers indicate. His shot looks really smooth off the catch or dribble. He was just on an atrocious team where he could do whatever he wanted. From what I’ve heard about him he’s an unbelievable kid and teammate. One of my friends was a manager at Georgia the year before this year and Ant Man was around a ton being recruited. He said he was the nicest, most humble guy in his own circle and that includes his handlers and friends. Always signed kids autographs and took pictures and when his people left stuff laying around at places he was the one to pick their stuff up and apologize for them being lazy or careless. Talked to anyone and was always smiling.

I don’t like the Wiseman idea as much because there’s still questions about his work ethic and actual love for the game. He’s got upside like Ball and Edwards but I think he’s the highest of the 3 to bust. I wouldn’t hate the pick though.

If I couldn’t get one of those 3 or Killian Hayes im not sure I’d want to pick in this draft. I think Anthony will be a longtime NBA guy but idk how good he’s really going to be.

I agree with @swinawer about Isaac Okoro at Auburn. He’d be intriguing as well if they fall to the 5th pick or a little later than that. He’s an elite defender. Similar to Matthews was as a junior and senior and he was only an 18 year old freshman. He does all the little things to help teams win. But I think that’s exactly what he is. It’s hard to know if he will succeed on a bad team because I don’t think he has the game to be a focal point offensively. He needs to play off people and slash or catch lobs. He’s not a good shooter at all and hasn’t been ever. I watched him several times in high school and AAU. But he’s got a pretty high floor because he can always hang his hat on his defense.

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Edwards. Hard pass on ball

Why the hard pass on Ball? I feel like he’s worked really hard to distance himself from his dad’s antics and he’s really become a well rounded player.

Honestly that’s just based on his old man. I also think Edwards is a beast and it’s easy to find adequate pgs

I thought similarly as well but I went and watched a ton of his Nbl games this year and with his vision, IQ and size I think he’s far from being a typical PG. He has to be a legit 6’6 at least now and he’s a ridiculous passer with his left and right hands, a creative finisher around the rim and he has a killer floater game. He has the physical attributes to become a competent defender as well. I think offensively he’s much better than Lonzo was coming into the draft and he’s a year younger than Lonzo was too I think. He’s got so much upside it’s scary. He has always been a pretty unselfish player too and even moreso after seeing him in the NBL. I’m pretty high on his game now. But I also really like Edwards. Those two and Wiseman are the only three prospects where they’d be pretty highly regarded in most drafts. Most the other guys would be good not great and not nearly as high in other classes.


I’d pass on Wiseman. Pistons just showed you can’t build around a center in today’s NBA. They need to find an elite PG or scoring guard/wing. It’s been quite awhile since the Pistons have had a really good perimeter player. Not sure this draft has that, but Ball or Edwards are worth taking a chance that they reach their upside. If not, I agree I’d go Hayes.


You can build around a center if he is a stud. Drummond wasn’t a stud

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I thought you were the guy telling us how good Georgia was going to be this year when we were discussing the Harlond Beverly recruitment. :grinning:

I watched some more film on Edwards. His talent is pretty absurd.