2020 - F - Jaemyn Brakefield (Duke Commit)

Awesome! Glad to see an official date setup.

Updated visit tracker


I thought they were out of room?

Had a transfer I believe.

Actually one guy quit the team but will stay at UVA to get his degree. Sounds like he loves music. His biggest moment was when he played “One Shining Moment” at the UVA Championship celebration in Charlottesville a few days after winning the NCAA tournament. His name was Francisco Badocchi.

Juwan Howard goes wheels up from O’Hare for Big Ten Media Day just to get on the road.

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Sounds like Brakefield is rescheduling.

Why won’t they go away? Duke seems to be recruiting differently with this class. Normally they only focus on the one and done variety of recruit in the top 25-30. They’ve offered some more guys this class in the 35-50 range that will play at least 2-3 years of college ball. I do think that’s a more successful formula though. Sprinkle in the lotto picks with really good multi year players.

Their backup plans are still rated top 50 smh. But yeah annoying they can jump in so late to a recruitment if they want

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My goodness I hate Duke.


Yeah super frustrating how they can just swoop into any recruitment at any time an make the final cut.

Also they are my single largest hate in sports.


I’d be a bit surprised if this one happened given the new Duke offer, but we’ll see.

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Generally any time Evan Daniels puts in a crystal ball for a recruit it’s over. He put one in for duke last night.

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He’s already up to 78% Duke on his crystal ball picks

On the bright side, if they keep taking away possible Michigan prospects for long enough, they will theoretically run out of room eventually


The spring recruiting period will be wide open with Duke and Kentucky full (maybe UNC too)

Brakefield to Duke.

Didn’t take long.