2020 - F - Isaiah Todd (Commit)

Does anyone know why the blue bloods aren’t interested in a top ten talent?

I can’t think of any reasons why that would be the case that is not also a red flag for Michigan…

He threw the Block M in the background of his latest IG highlight tape and Zeb going at it in the comments :eyes::eyes:


To make you feel a bit worse, a Michigan fan account in the comments claims to have made the video for him because he was visiting. So that’s where the Block M came from, lol.

I’m praying for this though. :pray: DESPERATELY need him at this point to salvage this class.

Unc is full at his position and says his camp is demanding about his role and I think uk may have been a bit irked when he didn’t reclass to uk last year(supposedly his mom nixed). Then there’s also the abroad rumors. FWIW Juwan, hurley(not on his list) and self have been the only head coaches to visit him this eval period. If um wasn’t comfortable in this recruitment and didnt think there’s a decent chance he’ll play college ball, I highly doubt they would have put as much effort as they have into this one. Juwan also has significant ties to the aau program Todd played for.


Salvage the class? Seems a bit early for that kind of talk.


Salvage the class? Signing Todd would make it well on the way toward being one of the best Michigan hoops recruiting classes ever.

April is a long way off, there’s so much to play out still.


I would agree that it’d be one of the best U of M classes ever if he lands Todd, Zeb plus someone else. But it seems like there’s a very narrow path of possible prospects right now. Brian Snow laid out that there are very few backup options at this point if we miss out on all the current guys (I think there are about 20ish guys in the 50-100 range still available but many of them plan to commit soon). I think we’re in a boom or bust position at this point since it doesn’t seem like we have cultivated many backup plans.

Yeah, that’s not really news. If Michigan signs someone in the early period it is going to be someone who has visited or scheduled a visit. Most players in the 50-100 range, as you say, are also in that phase of their recruitment.

There are always players who don’t sign early and their recruitments usually grow during the high school season (look at Harlond Beverly for example). There will be other prospects who emerge onto the radar. Then there are the dozens of recruitments that open up in the spring with coaching changes. Then transfers. Then grad transfers. Then 2021 relclassifications.


Announcing top 2 tom? Any chance Michigan is one of the 2?

Michigan and Kansas?

Michigan and Kansas, fwiw his mom was liking um related tweets from this weekend



I would feel solid about Juwan’s chances if Michigan is in that top 2. Whether Michigan gets him or not, nice to see continued interest from a lot of top players.

Even if Todd ends up abroad, getting an early commitment from him would be really good for the program. It’d create some serious recruiting momentum and draw some other guys imo.


Yeah, it does kinda feel like a commit to Michigan is upcoming and the real threat will be whether he goes overseas.

Whats the deal with Todd and Kansas? If a top 2 had us and Kansas in it, who would be the favorite and why? Im not sure there even would be a favorite, if I recall, his recruitment has been odd.

The recruitment is odd because the house money is on him going overseas

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Interesting… I feel like it’s only a matter of time before 247 adds a crystal ball feature where instead of a school, they can pick “overseas”. Its a nice option for players these days. I guess based on this thread it seems like overseas would be the prediction.

A non-zero chance that bringing in players to join him would keep him stateside?

I’d assume that if um can get him that plying with talent would be a draw to keep him stateside. I am curious what his moms preference is, last year there were ton of rumblings he was going reclass but his mom supposedly nixed it.