2020 - F - Ben Carlson (Target)

Not an expert but I’m terribly impressed by this kid’s array of talents at that size. He appears to have extended range and a quick release. He can handle it like a guard, bringing the ball up the court with confidence. Passing sensibilities look advanced. And these are sophomore highlights. Might be the genuine article.

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Maybe I’m reading a little too much into it but why isn’t Holtmann in the picture?

Kendall Brown might be another name for 2021. Just got offered by Minnesota. Same HS at Carlson

The state of Minnesota is on quite the run of producing big time talent

Been a big upswing over the last several years but it’s always been pretty good. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve always watched good basketball. Just getting more attention now, especially with the Gophers being average.

I don’t see any of these kids making the jump to Michigan though. Wisconsin has a stranglehold of the really skilled kids here.

Seems like Wisconsin, Kansas and Iowa to me. Kansas goes for the top tier guys (Hurt & Nnaji), Iowa and Wisconsin also pursue but normally land the next tier down but still high major talents.

Highlights of Carlson from a recent game.

Stanford is in for him today. It’s at least the fourth time they’ve been out to watch him play/practice.