2020-21 roster heights and weights

Official roster is posted.


240 for williams, that’s one husky dude

I know these numbers are probably exaggerated, but if Zeb is really 6’5, that would be some serious size for a PG.

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I f****** love that… GO BLUE

Is Terrance really 6-7? Are Terrance and Jace the same height? Is Zeb really 6-5? Is Mike Smith really 5-11? So many questions!!


Haha yikes. If they are fudging the numbers to make guys seem taller and Mike Smith is still listed as 5’11, then he is really short!

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Chaundee listed 5 lbs under his KenPom weight last year is interesting.

I’m 6’3" in shoes and weighing in at a less-than-optimal 206.6 today.

Anyone know what Teske’s final listed weight was last year? Curious how Dickinson compares.

I thought Zeb was 6’3"…crazy that he’s at 6’5" on the roster (and hopefully in real life). As a potential defensive spark off the bench this year that could be powerful.

Teske was listed at 7-1, 265 last year

Serious question. When we think about these numbers being fudged/adjusted: who has final say? The players? Coaches? Trainers?

For me in high school at least, it was definitely the coaches. We’d get weighed in for football, and by the time rosters were released I’d be 2-3 inches taller and 15-20 pounds heavier without fail haha


All lost weight is a guy getting in shape.
All weight gain is muscle.
All heights are accurate.


Oh okay. Copy that

I lost two inches and 8 lbs from
Football to basketball season In high school (according to the programs). I was neither weighed nor measured that year.


Someone get Beilein in a team photo with these guys!


That’s the only way to know for sure! :wink: