2020-21 Michigan hoops over/under predictions

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Just FYI there’s no blurb under the Eli 16.5 minutes as PG prop.

Whoops, fixed. Thanks. Been a whirlwind trying to get all of this preseason content done before tip!

To do list is down to two!



Dylan, your pre-season content has been awesome. Just wanted to say kudos to you and the rest of the UM Hoops staff. After a long, long wait, we finally have basketball to talk about rather than roster machinations. Thanks for keeping us all satiated over the extended offseason.


Over/under: 10.5 end of season AdjO

I’ll go with the OVER, meaning worse than 10th. I think this team will be better offensively than defensively, but probably settle somewhere in the mid-teens as far as adjusted offensive efficiency.

I’m trying to vote before I see your response, but because of that I totally screwed that up lol. I voted under thinking that I was voting for worse than 10th.

Based on all the results, it seems like I’m a bit more pessimistic on UM than the general readership here and even Dylan.

This is such a great feature. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. It’s interesting to see the three most contentious ones

To the people that put over 2.5 pros, what’s your definition of pro and who were you counting? Livers and Zeb I’m guessing?

I was thinking of a more general definition of pro than “meaningful NBA contract.” Like others, I was trying to weigh in before seeing Dylan’s vote. So I’d think Wagner and Livers are the two obvious ones but a handful of other guys–Brown, Zeb, Dickinson, etc.–could carve out a pro basketball career at least overseas.


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