2019 - Wing - Samuell Williamson (Target)


Interesting. So there’s a reasonable chance that Michigan could still be actively recruiting a 3rd 2019 then. From a talent perspective Williamson is a stud, just not sure he’d fit Michigan considering we got Wilson and Bajema. If anything, Michigan should either go for a 5 or 4/5, stretch big, or a PG, CG who can play the 1/2.

I wonder if he got the memo on Cole Bajema?

Yeah, the timing of this is interesting. I agree with you. At this point, I think the “next position of need” from a depth perspective is C. Also agree with Bebopson that I’m not sure if he got the memo on Bajema. Will be interesting to follow.

Beautiful release on his shot, fluid and bouncy too. Seems redundant to Cole to an extent, but who knows.

I can’t imagine that this will go anywhere, but I would take him if a third scholarship opens up in the spring, especially if the opening is created by Poole turning pro. In the non-blue chip division, Williamson was my second favorite recruit on our board after Carton. He, Bajema, and Wilson are all versatile enough to play at the same time. Adding a guy like Williamson, to go along with Bajema, would make Poole’s departure tolerable. And, unfortunately, I do expect Poole to blow up and turn pro. The NBA is all about players like Poole these days.

But again, we’ll probably be eliminated from this recruitment in short order, especially if he’s planning a fall decision. The fact that he hasn’t visited us, despite taking many visits, including two to Ohio State and Marquette, isn’t a great sign. The fact that most of the schools on his list are fairly close geographically probably isn’t a good sign either. And then there’s the depth chart with Wilson and Bajema already in this class. And Kansas has offered him.

I wonder if he’s friends with Wilson. Maybe that would give us a small opening.

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Williamson said in July that he plans to commit this fall, so . . . .

It sounds like Oklahoma might be in a good position.

This looks like Michigan’s happy to stick with a two-person class then? Obviously plenty of time, but most all the main targets have lists that don’t include Michigan at this point.

Definitely looks like that (and has looked like that) for the November period.

Yeah, definitely have started seeing the writing on the wall for a little bit. Will be interesting to continue to watch, but also seeing 2020s continue to get scouted more heavily.

We will see if Michigan makes the cut for Anthony. If so, then Michigan is likely just going for a one and done talent like him or maybe McDaniels although that I feel is even less likely. If Michigan doesn’t make the cut for Anthony, I imagine that’s the end of 2019 for sure.

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