2019 - Wing - Keion Brooks Jr. (Offer)


Has he visited (AKA is this an “offer” or an offer)? Awesome prospect.

He played with Bowen last summer. He was their team’s best prospect and it wasn’t close. Long and athletic lefty.

Something something lefty 4 in Beilein’s offense


This kid is a monster

Interested to see if we have a legit shot here. I know that Sparty has been recruiting him hard for a while.

Yea MSU fans would be enraged if UofM gets him

He’s a lefty?

He is most definitely right handed, haha

Interesting note on Keion Brooks here: https://247sports.com/college/michigan/Article/Elite-2019-forward-Keion-Brooks-discusses-his-offer-from-Michigan-possibility-of-visiting-Ann-Arbor-again-and-much-more-118014770

He has not toured the campus yet. Has gone to games twice, but has not been taken around the whole campus. Means two things to me:

  1. We have no chance unless he comes up for another visit.
  2. There is some upside for making a move in the recruitment because of that.

Interesting to hear Brendan Quinn say Coach Beilein might have learned from previous FF in regards to the type of players he recruits. Implied Beilein ended up with 2nd or 3rd tier kids by being tempted recruiting kids (one and done talents) that he otherwise would not have gone after and missing out on good fits for the program. Not sure I agree with him but makes me think…

Good listen. Part I’m referencing is around 27:00 minute mark of podcast

I think we’re in on more potential one and done prospects than we have been in on in quite some time

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Maybe and that’s great. It will be interesting to watch it play out. I think Quinn might have been trying to say Coach Beilein would be willing to take option 1b rather than wait out option 1a. Like 2 years ago when Beilein took Simpson and told Winston hasta la vista.

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Heading to LaLu

Let’s get him back on campus for the full tour and assign Jordan Poole as his host. This kid can really play!

I’d be fairly surprised if Michigan gets an OV here. Doesn’t seem like UM is in the top group.

I’m sure you’re right about that Dylan. Just expressing a wish. Sort of like people wishing we could get Cole Anthony or Josh Green. By the way, they are certainly on my wish list, too. Green, Anthony, Brooks would be my top three if I could have my wish come true. I’m torn on my realistic wish list. Is Quinones a realistic option? Watts? Beverly? Is Bajema really a slam dunk if Coach B offers? Just think, if DJ Carton had committed to us, there would still be 2019 recruiting going on, of course, but it wouldn’t be this much fun. I don’t know what I would have done with all the time I’d have! :smiley: