2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)



That’s a lot of Michigan bling! Practically a shrine.


Change the shiny gold “W” to a “B” and I am forced to suggest we file a restraining order, asap.

Seriously though, I love the kids who love the program! Can’t wait for JW to arrive!


I like this kid a lot already. Seems to be super proud to be attending U of M and he also seems to be a super talented player who could really help Michigan out in the shooting department right away.


If Nunez finds his stroke and Wilson/Bajema can contribute this team could go to another level. Hard to say with the likely loss of Matthews though.


Wilson will almost guaranteed be in the rotation next year. Bajema might need a year. He’s really skinny. But if he continues to grow with his skill set he may be in the rotation. Heard he could maybe get to 6’9-6’10. If he does before he arrives on campus and his shooting, mobility and overall skill is stable or improves, it’d be hard not to use him as a tall wing or stretch 4. Michigan will be in good shape next year unless we lose Poole, Iggy and Matthews this season. If we can keep Poole and Iggy, we will be in great shape. If we keep one, we’d be fine still.


My guess, they will be rocking the Maize and Blue at school tomorrow. Loud and proud.


I know Wilson will. You see him at signing day today? I think i can see the Maize and Blue on him from Michigan all the way to Texas lol.


Sign me up for a season where Poole, Ignas, and Matthews are all so good that they go pro.


I don’t think Poole goes. He doesn’t look comfortable in the ball screen action at all.


Yeah I don’t think so either but there’s been at least whispers since last season ended that Iggy or Poole could be gone come end of this season. I don’t think either leaves but I wouldn’t say either have no chance if they play to their potential. Highly unlikely.


If all we lose next year is Matthews, that team is going to be all-caps INCREDIBLE


This is what I expect to happen.


I’m excited for this 2019 group but I’m more focused on this year’s team. Especially after tonight. Not gonna lie I was pessimistic and thought ‘Nova would win by double digits. Michigan’s defense should translate every single game. Shooting still worries me but we should be in every single game this year right to the end because defense is an effort thing. Can do that every game.


Wilson looking pretty good in this recent game from these highlights.


Were you at this game?!? A couple of seriously talented teams! Harmon looks like Rumeal Robinson and Williams is practically unstoppable! Yes, Jalen looked good, too, but boy there was a lot of talent on that floor! Glad you posted it, glad I watched!


Nah I’m in Michigan lol


Beilein says he’s Matthews’ offensive game in Livers’ body. Based on that and what we’ve seen so far this year, I’d say the current projection is:

Teske 30 Johns 10 (Castleton, Faulds)
Livers 25 Wilson 15
Poole 30 Wilson 10 (Nunez)
Brooks 30 DeJulius 10 (Bajema)
Z 30 DeJulius 10

with Matthews and Iggy leaving for the draft due to age and Poole staying to have a final monster year as the undisputed #1 option on O.

That’s a classic 8 man rotation, though I think Nunez has looked surprisingly decent on D in his cameos to me (just in terms of size, mobility, giving a damn and rotating well once or twice) so if he is the knockdown shooter he is supposed to be or if Bajema is a rotation quality guy they could play to goose the O.

Tough to see the O being as good as this year but the D would still be fantastic.


I’d be pretty surprised if Johns is only playing 10 minutes per game next year. In fact, by this coming March he might be seeing more time than that.


I’m not sending Iggy off to the NBA just yet. Could happen, but I think he plays one more year. Ideally, Beilein has said that he’d like to limit Teske’s minutes to 25 or so.