2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)


I try not to buy into all the recruiting rumors and hype, but the way things were tracking and rumblings from some of the guys I trust in the recruiting world, had me believing we may get a commitment.


I saw talk that his parent’s wanted him to wait and take other visits before jumping on a decision right away.


Yeah, I saw that on the 24/7 board. Good for them tbh, impulse based commitments obviously work out far less than normal ones.


Do his parents know that we have limited openings?


The mood on Rivals (non-mods, but educated, experienced posters) is doom-and-gloom that it didn’t happen this weekend. That, basically, we’ve seen this movie before and we can expect him to slowly bleed away. Certainly hoping they’re wrong.


If they don’t have any insider info and they’re basing it purely on their hurt feelings then that means nothing.


Yeah, agreed…I wouldn’t have even mentioned if it wasn’t in a gray area somewhere above that kind of typical noise, but to your point, somewhere below direct inside info.


Yeah, obviously him not committing opens the opportunity for him to leave, but from the info going into the visit we know it’s not about him not liking what he saw.


Sam Webb put in a “gut feeling that Michigan thinks they expanded their lead with the visit” thing, I think this is typical Michigan fan insanity from Rivals.


One of many reasons why I cancelled my Rivals subscription. People pan the state of the mgoblog board but the Fort was as bad. I barely posted because it seemed like anyone who wasn’t a longtime poster got ripped to shreds.


It’s funny, I actually think it’s far worse on Scout/247 in general, but…every board has its pros & cons.


Lol, people are saying it’s over because he didn’t commit and wants to see the process through? Seems ridiculous . If I was a recruit and I was 98 percent certain I was going somewhere, I’d finish it out just because. Only happens once In your life. At the very least , see some places I’ve never seen. Wtf, people are crazy.


The fort is where it’s at


I can take a WILD GUESS on this one:

If indeed it holds true, would be an awesome pickup. VERY excited if he’s Maize and Blue.


BTW, the only schools he has visited on that list are KU and Michigan.


I’d assume our coaches already know he’s in. That happened earlier this week. This is just the formal public announcement.


aww I LOVE Jalen as a prospect. I’d be so pumped


He looks really good! Great recruit.


Jalen will be a star at Michigan if he comes aboard. Dude is legit! Mark my words he will be a better player than Romeo Weems in college


Pointless player comparison time? I think so.

I am getting strong Justin Jackson (UNC, not Maryland) vibes out of Wilson regarding a ceiling. Maybe less quick twitch athleticism, but the potential for being a better finisher through contact. So basically what I’m saying is 2021 title confirmed and Jalen Wilson 1st team All American confirmed.