2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)


Out of him, Iggy, Johns, and Livers, I see Wilson as most likely to play the 2. Not that he will, but most likely. Agree he is a 3-level scorer. Below-the-rim, skilled, with motor. Perfect type to get in Camp Sanderson. If he can add some explosiveness and a handle, could be very, very good.


I don’t see him as a 2 at all.


For his size he has decent quickness and a handle that will translate. His athleticism will cause him to have to adjust more or work on becoming more explosive. He will have to be a 3/4. I like him but not sure I love’m. But as I say if JB does then I do.


Bummer that the weather is so awful this weekend for Jalen’s visit


It’s atrocious out. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow, for recruiting purposes or course and definitely not because I selfishly want it to not be raining for the AFC Ann Arbor/Detroit City soccer match.


Interesting stuff here from ye olde matt d. http://mgoblog.com/users/matt-d


How tall do we think he is based on this photo alone?


I’m going to go with a legit 6’10


Well the light post to the right of his head is probably about 12 feet tall, so I think we can conclude relatively safely that he’s about an inch shorter than that. Without shoes we’ll put it at 11’10".


This definitely has that “I’m down with Coach B” vibe. Develop and prosper!!!


According to my measurement he’s a legit 7’3", without correcting for perspective and hair.
…assuming Beilein is 6’0" w/shoes.


I think his foot speed is a little slow… He’s clearly a step slow on Beilein here.



#5 is available! What is he waiting for?!


Michigan University :man_facepalming:t2:


He must not like us as much as we thought :pensive:


I like those kicks that JB is sporting. I’m sure they’re Jordans but I know next to nothing about basketball shoes.


Those are the jeter 11s.


Thank you, sir! :+1:


Just saw that Jalen’s father, who posted the photos from this weekend, tweeted at UMHoops attempting to see Dylan’s scouting report and video breakdown of Wilson’s game on the main page. He needs that Patreon subscription, lol!