2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)


Wow, very big. This basically confirms my suspicions.


What are those suspicions?

Ok St and Michigan are both overlapping on their lists and they are both from TX, but I dont know what else to read into this…


FWIW, Maxey’s twitter interactions seem to prove everyone’s theory that he’s a lock to Kentucky. He likes posts from Tyler Herro and Ashton Hagans daily.

Butttt for the crazy optimists out there, there is a real Maxey/Wilson connection and Jerry Meyer crystal balled Wilson to Michigan this morning


Tweets like the one Maxey Tweeted out are super common with recruits, especially ones that are friends. I wouldn’t read into this much at all.


Maxey and Wilson definitely do not dislike each other to the point where they won’t interact on twitter.




Whoa. I assume that means “I would think there’s a chance” as opposed to “I would think he’s committing”, but either way, I like it.


Not sure that this matters all that much because I don’t think UCLA is the primary competition here, but they just got a SF commit


LOL, I looked at that tweet at first without looking at the name and had a mini heart attack.


UCLA also received a commit from another SF today


Jalen Wilson reminds me of a taller version of Antoine Joubert. Now that’s a blast from the past name in Michigan basketball lore.


I can see that but not really. Then again I haven’t seen a whole lot of Jalen Wilson but what I have doesn’t remind me of Joubert. I’ll look closer now.

A friend of mine says Jordan Poole reminds him of Joubert in some of his mannerisms and facial expressions. I see that a little bit too. They’re both definitely gunners.


Joubert was a below the rim player who could muscle high school competition and had nice touch around the basket. Of course at Mich. he had to adapt to playing better competition and as a guard. I see some of the same things from Jalen Wilson. Nothing says to me great athlete, at least not what I have seen. But he has a decent handle and a smooth shot to go along with nice size (height/Weight). I would like to see him against some of the elite competition in 2019. Although I trust JB decisions.


He’s not a bad athlete either imo. When I see highlights he moves pretty well and he gets some air. Is he more of a skilled below the rim guy? Yes but I think I’d rank him a decent athlete for a big too


Is he really a straight sf? I kinda see him as a 4 here…


[edit: The video I refer to in this comment is on the front page, but was apparently posted on April 26th so I think there’s something wonky with the site].

All of our targets right now are great, but watching that Wilson video on the front page… Man, he is the definition of a fantastic 3 level scorer. No matter what happens with the guard spot in this class I just really hope we land Wilson.

I can’t really think of a comparison to a past Michigan player, I think he’s quite unique. Maybe what we hoped Kam Chatman would be. I don’t think Wilson will struggle like that though.


Put together a Jalen Wilson video breakdown from Adidas film this spring.


I was on board before, but now I’m all-in. A little surprised at his 3pt %, and even the FT% isn’t great (though not a concern IMO). As you stated, his form is so smooth and his team obviously has the confidence that his shots will fall…I could see him blossoming into a great player in this system. Those handoffs at the top of the key are lethal, he has so many options!


Does everyone pretty much unanimously agree Wilson is a sure fire great prospect? I’m not necessarily down on him, but I’m a little skeptical of the 6’8” not an athlete + not a shooter formula after Chatman.

I guess he’s similar to Iggy in that way and I’m extremely high on him… but I think Iggy looks like a more prolific scorer than Wilson does.