2019 - Wing - Jalen Wilson (Commit)


I say this not in reference to the hair, but Jalen seems to be a hybrid version between Poole and Livers! Excited for what he can do in this system!

Video: Jalen Wilson Early Season Highlights



Seems like he has some pretty good handles as well which is good. It’s always crazy to me when players come in and need to work on their dribble. It’s the simplest thing to work on yet it’s always forgotten.


Wilson’s ball skills/fundamentals look as advanced as any Beilein recruit I can remember. I think he’ll pick up Beilein’s offense more quickly than the average Freshman.


Compiling some highlights of Wilson from this season. He plays on a loaded team but I like how he’s developing.


Nice tease, excited to see the reel.



Didn’t know where else to ask this but can someone explain to me how timme isn’t ranked higher? When I watch him it’s clear he’s a Top twenty kid imo. I’m confused.

Also Jalen has a smooth game. His shooting will be a nice addition.




Highlights from last nights game against Drew Timme and Pearce HS.


Timme not much of a defender.


Didn’t necessarily mean he was checking Wilson. Just meant it was his team so it wasn’t no like Wilson was playing bums. Timme is a 5,
Wilson is a perimeter dominant combo-forward.


I really like Wilson. He should factor into the rotation next year


Man I hope so because even if Poole and Iggy stay we still need scoring help off the bench because Livers will likely become the starter to replace Matthews if the other 2 stay. I expect guys like Johns, Dejulius and Castleton to become solid contributors since all 3 have began to do that now, but it’s always good to have at least 1 freshman contributing every year. They can become a leader for that group going forward and can be ready if there are early departures for their sophomore year.


I know. Just an observation from watching him on the video.



Peavy v Wilson!