2019 - Wing - Franz Wagner (INTL/Target)


With Livers, Iggy and Johns, we’ve already got a lot of bigger wings on our roster. Plus Nunez will probably play on the wing, at least to start.

But I don’t know what roster makeup JB is looking at. Would be awesome if he hit another 2-3 inch growth spurt lol


Yeah especially if he’s 2019 not sure that we’d be able to take him for scholarship allotment and roster composition reasons. If he is 2020 though I think he could fit.


Shot comes out a little weird. Some unbiased advice - he should go someplace where they head coach is great at teaching shooting. I may know a place with a coach who is a-maize-ing at that sort of job.


I think he would be 19 by than. Would he wait that long?


According to this site his birthday is August 27, 2001. If he were a 2020 prospect he’d be turning 19 about a week before his freshman year starts, which isn’t that unusual.


Is there some real prospect of his coming?


Don’t know, but I think it’d be pretty cool!



Hard to tell much from that video. Very comfortable with left hand; shooting, passing; dribbling. Makes me think he’s put in a lot of time on skill development.
Good height, deep range, a lot of room for development. Interesting prospect.


Franz Wagner | 6-8 combo forward | Germany

Although he wasn’t overly productive, Wagner remains one of the top young prospects in all of Germany given his combination of tools, shooting, feel and potential. The younger brother of Michigan star Moritz Wagner, Franz stands 6-7 barefoot with huge feet, long arms and big hands. The 16-year-old has a bright future as a stretch forward who is also comfortable attacking in a straight line and making reads as a playmaker. When Wagner reaches his physical peak, he figures to be one of Germany’s most sought-after prospects in the 2001 class.


Any interest on Michigan’s part or Franz’s? I remember he said in an interview that they told him to keep working on his game, but no indication that they were hot on his trail.


Gotta think the best recruiting for him is his brother. If you trust Coach B’s system, you’ll get results!


Shades of Stauskas in this one.


I love the response from the Alba fan account (translated from German)

Not only the legs, he also has the Wagnerian party gene!


is he coming to america?


Man, I hope so. That would be great.


Franz attending NBPA Top-100 Camp this weekend. Listed as a 2018 on the roster, but his DOB is Aug 27, 2001 which makes him almost 17.



Is there anything to takeaway from that?


Not sure. Seems surprising considering he’s not even 17 yet. Could just be a misprint. If he’s at the camp and not just listed on the roster, he’ll a) get to face some good competition and b) most likely talk to reporters. So could find something out there.


Do we know how tall he is? I see differing reports…