2019 - G - Mark "Rocket" Watts (Former Target)


Like 50% of my college choice was hating Michigan’s weather. I think this discussion (i.e. trying to prove why Michigan is the best choice for Watts) is inherently impossible as we don’t know what a recruit values and what path he wishes to take to achieve that.

This is especially true when probably about 90% of coaches will blatantly lie about stuff to get a kid.


Dude is unbelievable


Absolutely - and you probably want those guys to believe they can be the exceptions. You also hope they listen to some well-considered opinions on ways to best give themselves the opportunity to make it, as well as go to a place that fits theirs needs and criteria whatever they might be.


Recruiting includes different approaches by different coaches, and certain approaches will resonate with certain players and not others. Anyone who says that recruiting is all this or all that for all players is oversimplifying things.


I fully understand how the decisions get made, it’s just my opinion that if the ultimate goal is to play in the NBA, some of these kids (and their parents and handlers) are focused on the wrong factors.

I applaud a kid like Jalen Wilson, who despite living in close proximity to Baylor, chose to play for Michigan even though it could take 2-3 years for him to carve out a starting role with guys like Iggy and Johns potentially blocking his path early on.

If you haven’t noticed, Baylor in particular annoys me because for the past 15 years, they represent everything that’s wrong with college athletics - recruiting violations, improper payments, sexual assaults, scumbag coaches - you name it, they’ve done it.


Watts, who released a top eight following the first week of evaluations earlier in the month, said that lost might have been a bit hasty at the time. He listed Louisville, Michigan State, Michigan, Xavier, Connecticut, Florida State, Oregon and Missouri on Twitter only to later take down the post, noting that at least one of those schools might not be actively recruiting him.

On Thursday at the AAU Super Showcase, Watts said he was “still open” but would sit down with his family and coaches in the next week or two and schedule his five official visits.

“I wanted to do it,” Watts said about narrowing his list. “But I think there was some schools on my top eight that were not considering me anymore, so I had to fall back a little bit.


Think he is talking about Michigan here?


He already took the post down not 5 minutes after posting but here is what he put before deleting his Instagram post.


I count nine. :grinning:

I assumed once we took Bajema, that would be it for Watts as far as UM is concerned.


He reposted it with the correct number on the edit. His caption under the pic said 9


He dropped a Top 9 just to tell everyone he no longer has a committable offer to Michigan? Very strange, lol


he had a top 8, now top 9?


From 26 days ago, minus Michigan and Xavier, plus USC, Marquette, and Minnesota.


Florida State, Missouri, and Louisville, in that order, are his first three visits. Interesting to see where his final two will be. I know he’s not a Michigan recruit anymore, but I’m still very interested to see where he heads.


I’d put my money on Cuonzo working his magic.


Going to just close this because Michigan and Watts are no longer considering each other.

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