2019 - G - Cole Bajema (Commit)


That they’re trying to get him to visit before committing to Bajema. I’m not convinced the delay is strictly procedural.


But that’s just you speculating, nothing that his coach said :slight_smile:

If you are talking about waiting on a Quinones decision before a Bajema offer, you are probably talking about a long wait. That means Bajema ends up taking OVs to Virginia, Xavier, etc. Just for a shot at hosting Quinones on an OV. Timeframes don’t exactly add up for that kind of a slow play.

I also think that Bajema/Quinones are different players so if it is an either or, you have an interesting dilemma.


Lester “30 Offers & Interests” Quinones? I don’t see how getting someone that wide open on campus is the lynch-pin in this situation. Maybe the staff knows something about which way he’s leaning that Tipton Edits doesn’t.


I thought the opposite. They are coaxing Bajema to commit before Quinones visits. Could be we are both wrong


Mostly, yes, though it was stated matter-of-factly in the post, so there was some confirmation bias there.

I guess what I would expect is the staff would be weighing the information gleaned from the conversation about visiting. If Quinones is willing to visit quickly, that says something. If he’s not, that says something. And that calculus is part of the overall decision about whether to move forward with Bajema.


I don’t think they’re in the business of coaxing him to commit until he has an offer. They’re in the business of keeping him warm while working through the other issues.


Yeah my point is that paragraph was just the writer adding context. Stuff that has been reported and published elsewhere.


Yep, I’m not disagreeing.


Any recent video on him?


Broke down a July weekend’s worth of games here.


All his Vegas tape is pay-walled at BallerTV.


You don’t need a 7-figure contract to know that Cole Bajema is better now and has a higher ceiling than Joe Girard.


Of course not, but someone, I think in this forum, mentioned that while Coach B’s entire staff was moving away from Girard and losing interest in him, Coach B might still be somewhat reluctant to cut Girard loose, so to speak. Coach B has ties to the kid, through Girard’s father so that makes it harder for him. Then, too, Coach B really values shooting and Girard CAN shoot. Girard would probably be a plan B for us if we don’t get one of Bajema, Quinones, or another of the other prospects we’ve begun to show real interest in. My original post was just to emphasize how much Coach B agonizes over these decisions and wants to be sure he makes the right decision.


I am not sure I see JB agonizing over recruiting at this stage of his career. It’s not personal, its business. You take the best talent that’s willing to come that fits your system.


Yeah, I don’t think there’s any loyalty or big emotional issues with Girard. It’s just sort of a calling card. If I’m Beilein, I’m processing Bajema as fast as I can and getting him an offer.





Coach Beilein is a recruiting machine😎. Go Blue !!!


I’m all in. He wants to be a Wolverine, he is 6’7” with a handle, can pass it and shoot it. Way to Go Blue young man.


Oh, you’re right about that, but Coach B is very meticulous in his decision making. Agonizing may not be the right word, but he sure is thorough and considers every contingency before he makes a decision.

Sometimes there are enormously talented players who don’t “fit” our system. So, you are right, Coach B wants players with talent who fit our system. AND, he will be very thorough in determining talent and “fit.” It’s taken a while for some, but most fans now understand how important “fit,” as he defines “fit,” is to Coach B.

I think Coach B is pretty happy with his latest addition announced today, and I think we should be, too.