2019 - G - Cole Bajema (Commit)


It’s pretty cool that he is a part of this league


This too. What a spectacular Summer for this kid.





Never would’ve guessed that Jamal Crawford would end up as a better representative for Michigan than Braylon Edwards.


That’s also a nice tip of the hat from JCrawford to JBeilein. Great to see!


Cole is easily taller than JC there… but JC is not standing straight. IS BAJEMA ONLY 6’6"??


I have a feeling Cole is still growing too, although I haven’t heard anybody discuss this. He has the look of a kid who still has 1-2 inches in him. I have a feeling JB has struck gold yet again.


Eh, unlike Braylon, who has been an egotistical shit from day 1, including his time as a player, Jamal has been a good guy and class act forever.


Yeah, but he still played very few games here while Edwards had a very full career. That was my main point.


His aau coach has said he is projected to get to 6ft9 or 6ft10, and just looking at him and his body type it certainly looks possible to me.


If you like 6’9" -6’10"guys who can play shooting guard raise your hand. Wow. Just wow.


I believe that he can play point guard if asked


Hmmm KD comes to mind


Smoooooth! (turn up the sound for the video)

HS Boys 2018 Jamal Crawford Top 30 Camp WA Day2, Rainier Beach HS, University of Michigan Commit 2019 Cole Bajema 6’7 SG Lynden Christian Hits a jumper from deep @JCrossover @b1gdavek1ng @colebajema22 @umichbball pic.twitter.com/qOl1CZ1Ypx

— 206HS/NWACScouting (@BillElleby) September 2, 2018


Welllllllll before we go there he’s gotta become a hyper athletic monster and put on about 30 lbs (and that’s to reach his high school weight).


I see his upside as maybe a poor man’s Dunleavy Jr., which would be great for us.


He could be the initiator of the offense definitely but I do not see him at the point.


I like the Dunleavy comparison