2019 - Early Look

Though I will defer to the experts such as Steve Bell, I will offer an early look on the 2019 class. Admittedly young, there are some good players emerging and after a good round of Spring AAU ball these are the kids I have seen in that class in no particular order;

  1. Romeo Weems - 6’4" G/F- Family - real good athlete, highly skilled… looks like one of the next real good players from the Family
  2. Sean Cobb - 6’6" G/F - Michigan Mustangs - Very skilled athletic small forward who plays up a grade level and excels. Smooth, can shoot and has hi major look already.
  3. Terry Armstrong - 6’3" - G - Family - Like Cobb, plays up and could be next great player out of Flint ala Monte Morris. High level athlete who can pass and score at a high level already
  4. Carey Haney - 5’11" - Michigan Mustangs - PG - Fast. Good size athletic PG who also plays up a grade and is advanced athlete for class. Younger brother of former Michigan target and Division I player Steven Haney.
  5. Julian Dozer - 5’8" - Family - PG - flip a coin with Haney. Dozer better scorer, smaller and not as athletic. Good vision

Others in the class will probably emerge in July. Now days incoming Frosh are on the radar and from what I have seen these group could shape up…

I’ve seen Weems in person several times…kid can play. Smooth

Man! Let’s get offers out to 2017 prospects before we start focusing on 2019

Man! Let's get offers out to 2017 prospects before we start focusing on 2019

That’s my take, can’t afford to even look at all of our 2017s right now

never too early to look at 2019 kids. My post was before the UM College Practice Camp and Sean Cobb (2019) was consensus maybe best player there and now is a target of both MSU and UM. My post was not about offers, but about discussing very near in the future kids that will be recruited by UM and Cobb will be at the top of that list. Not focusing on 19’s, just trying to give a heads up on what is coming up in the State. There are some really good 2018 and 2019 kids in state.