2019 - Big - David Skogman (Target)

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Another video I saw. Looks more athletic here.

I’m going to play the game here, he doesn’t look like he’s 6’10." He looks like he’s 6’8."

There certainly an awkwardness to his game that may keep people from liking him. He looks solid but doesn’t wow me at this point. There’s a reason why he’s still available. He didn’t impress enough (or the right people in his mind) during the spring and summer. His AAU team, Ray Allen Select, is usually very solid and do very well in independent tournaments (NY2LA, etc.)

Is he any better than Michael Edwards, former UM target, that is now playing for Georgia? If I remember seeing Edwards’ highlights, I liked Edwards a lot more.

Thank you. I watched Skogman in the spring and wouldn’t have thought he was high major. I’d say he is close to 6’10 though since REACH’s big man Jalen Thomas from Detroit is about 6’10 and they matched up versus each other.

Personally, I just don’t see a need for a big man of this caliber in the 19 class. There’s no threat of Teske, Castleton, or John’s leaving after the season. If it’s an too end kid that falls in our lap sure.

Replace the potential departures of Poole and Iggy and move on the ‘20.

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Why not try to get Walker Kessler as a 2019 if we are looking for one? There is serious talk now that he will reclassify up and for some reason whenever that gets mentioned then Michigan gets dropped out of it, yet we are pursuing other bigs for 2019. I don’t get it.


Who drops Michigan out of it? Do we really think Michigan hasn’t informed Kessler there’s likely a spot for him in '19 if he wants to reclassify?

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Haven’t you yourself said you feel like we have a very small chance at Kessler?

I’m not huge on this guy but I also don’t get the freak out at the moment. Michigan hasn’t offered or anything, and obviously we can’t look at any transfer or grad transfer options right now. He’s a guy from the midwest that is getting offers from some B1G and a really good coach in Chris Beard. Makes sense for Michigan to check in on him.

I think the issue is that Kessler probably wouldn’t want to come to Michigan in 2019. Obviously a senior Teske will get the bulk of the center minutes next year even if a five star came in. 2020 would be more appealing because the center position would be wide open for Kessler

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Every article I read on 247 and Rivals said had no mention of Michigan being a player for him in 2019. I know Teske would still probably be there but why wouldn’t Michigan try to get him anyway? Adding anothe elite big man would allow Michigan to have zero issue regarding depth if he somehow got landed, no matter how small. Just weird that they don’t even make a play for him in 19, when they go for a guy like Skogman who I have serious reservations about. I think he could turn into a Donnal/Austin Davis type which concerns me.

Wasn’t really a freak out moreso a big eyebrow raiser because I’ve seen him before and came away thinking he was a MAC/Horizon player. About what Austin Davis was in high school. but I said before if Beilein and staff offer then I’ll trust them. And those offers from some of those other high majors have missed out on all their previous targets so are basically just trying to get bodies in for next year. The options are getting thin. It’s no mistake that many of the national experts say the bigs in this 2019 class are pretty weak, and Skogman isn’t even ranked and he’s been seen several times by those national guys in the last year.

You are right regarding the PT if he came in as a 2019, but still why wouldn’t Michigan take a crack at him as a 19 if they were already in for him as a 2020?

I guess I would assume it’s either (1) that we don’t hear much about what Michigan does or (2) Kessler isn’t interested in us for '19. But if one of those aren’t true, then it would seem strange.


(We dont hear much about what Michigan does) JB moves in silence as much as he can. Also we just asked for film on this kid, its not like he visited, lets pump the brakes with all of the crazy speculation