2019-20 Schedule



calipari strikes me as shark in water, i hope he really genuinely trying to help and not just trolling us

Side note, but no one manages to make it about himself like John Calipari :rofl: What a legend.


I mentioned this (his development of Adebayo) when Howard was a rumored candidate. Has done a really great job with Bam.

Yeah, definitely a positive. I just laughed at the way Cal spun it to make it all about himself.

Oh wow this Battle for Atlantis is going to be quite the baptism by fire.

Presbyterian was 179th in KenPom last year. UMass Lowell 258th. Both are typically closer to 300. Suppose these make sense as Christmas break games.

Updated future schedules page: https://umhoops.com/information/future-schedules/

Those two games are before and after Christmas.


Relevant because we play Oregon at least once, maybe twice.

how many players has Oregon added over the summer?

Seems like about 12


Heard they likely will add Addison Patterson too. Could become sleepers for the national title if they do.

Payton Pritchard, Anthony Mathis, Shakur Juiston, N’Faly Dante, Will Richardson, Francis Okoro, C.J. Walker, Isaac Johnson, Chandler Lawson, Chris Duarte, Lök Wur, and perhaps Addison Patterson.

Mathis, Juiston, Dante, Wur were all added this summer, as were Eric Williams Jr. from Duquesne and Eugene Omoruyi from Rutgers, who will be sit-out transfers this season if I’m not mistaken. Or did Omoruyi get a waiver to be eligible right away?

I might be forgetting someone, but if they get a reclassified-to-2019 Patterson, that’s seven players added this summer alone. Crazy. They were in the mix for Jaevin Cumberland as well, which I’m sure is still in the back of our minds.

I thought they’d be in trouble after losing the trio of Bol, King, and Wooten early to the draft. Silly me. Dana Altman is a wily and slippery one.

Yep. Never seen a team rebuild quite like this in one offseason.

Big Ten schedule should be out around noon.