2018 - Wing - Torrence Watson (Target)

Adidas video:


Thanks for this, really interested who else pops up for targets on the wing who can take it to the rim.

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Are we casting a wider net as a recruiting strategy or is it a product of looking at a big class in 2018? Seems like we’re looking at a lot more guys than usual.

These two April weekends are a great time to expand the recruiting net. Don’t think it is anything unusual. The first time all attention is on 2018 (with 2017 almost wrapped up) and can re-examine the board. All across the country, kids are expanding their lists right now with new interest.

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Since DJ/Moe most likely won’t be here in 2018, I do think the net needs to spread wider by necessity and not just for business as usual. We have spots to fill that I don’t think they envisioned last summer.

I do agree that this class will probably be bigger than previously anticipated, so that plays a factor too. But even if the same size class was expected, this is still a time when priorities and focuses change and are added.

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I think this is pretty typical for Beilein. He has a small group he offers early and if they don’t bite, he then starts scouting new prospects. Guys like Stauskas and Hardaway were not plan A but when others waited, they moved on. This year Ryan is taking his time and UM may not lead and Bieniemy won’t visit until later, so they need to get in on other 2Gs. At forward Hunter and Johns are taking their time so they get in on Nance and Iggy.
Even when Beilein has decided to wait on one guy like Winston, he’s still looked at a bunch of guys at that position in the meantime. You can also look at Livers who they started recruiting harder last summer even though they were still after Kyle Young.


Does a lot of good things but does not appear to be a great athlete, at least based on this tape.

Another de-commit from Bucky

This one’s a bit weird since he was originally signed by Holtmann. Sounds like his family wants him to play near home. Mizzou.