2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Whoa Careful, those stats don’t count for anything. Only his high school ones do.


Very hopeful Iggy’s half court game translates to the college game. Would benefit us greatly.

Especially in putting pressure on opponents defense and getting to FT line.

Don’t dislike Iggy at all. But if you’d seen him play you’d have open ended questions about his limitations as well. Just like every incoming Frosh.

He’s not dominating as a Frosh as some enthralled EYBL stat watchers “may” expect.

He’s a piece that needs to develop further. Here’s hoping that he does.


I agree with this. I watched iggy last year in EYBL. I think he’s one of those guys who can be in the tier of top players who aren’t likely one and dones. The next highest tier. I do think he has as good of a shot as any other wolverine freshman off the top of my head to be a one and done in recent memory, but I wouldnt say his chances are good. His physical attributes are question marks to me for translating to the NBA. I’m pretty sure he will be gone after 2 years though unless he’s a bust.


Am I an enthralled EYBL stat watcher, or was I simply pointing out a factual inaccuracy in your post regarding him having to get used to not shooting 30 shots when he already proved he can be efficient on half of those attempts? Seems quite the jump to say it was even close to the former.

You’re getting these question because you seem focused on Iggy being worse than expected while not having loud opinions on how everyone else will be too. Nobody’s saying he’s James Harden at getting to the basket. Hell, half the board doesn’t think he’ll be starting right away or even at the end of the season.


I think he’ll be starting right away. I think Poole Matthews and Iggy is the best trio in the conference by far. Optimism is fun people!!!


Anybody can be a one and done. The trick is to be a successful one and done.


It’s such a crapshoot projecting NBA potential. Iggy is limited physically, has small wingspan and is challenged with lateral quicks.

He’s nowhere near big enough to be an NBA “power forward” and I have sincere reservations about his extended shooting range.

He’s also going to be a 20 year old Freshman.

I agree with Wolverheel that you don’t have to be a great athlete to be a productive college player and this is the open ended question going forward with Iggy.

Can his offensive bully ball halfcourt physicality transfer to college? We all hope it will.


I think an extremely important thing for Iggy will be getting him in the weight room and chiseling his body. He’s got a little baby fat on him.


Nojel Eastern is trying to be a one and done. A legit one and done is a successful one in college. Thought that was implied.


He’s actually cut down a ton of weight and fat as it is. Last year when I saw him he was likely 240ish pounds. Absolute bruiser going downhill. I’d like to see him get down to 210-215. That’d be a good size for him to be a mobile combo forward, yet still likely can maintain his strength and wide frame to abuse bigs.


I’m excited to see how his game translates. I still think he’s in for a Jordan Poole esque frosh campaign. He’ll probably see more minutes right away, but will settle into that high risk/reward option off the bench. There will be moments of greatness, followed by inexplicable defensive lapses–particularly if we have him out there guarding 3’s. I mean, I hope all the hype is real–but adjusting to the college game is one of those weird things that is hard to project. Some just happen to do so sooner than others. Here’s hoping he’s an early bloomer (particularly caz he’s so old).


Iggy reminds me of Dillon Brooks, and not just because they’re both Canadian. Could see him putting up similar freshman year numbers - 12 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 apg


I like the DeShaun Thomas comparison from OSU. Big bodied lefty scoring machines.


I’m not fond of comparison to Thomas and will offer up Miles Bridges as a more apt comparison. Big, strong, score from all three levels, effective to a degree with either hand, and ability to create. Bridges is more explosive for sure, but Brazdeikis is no slouch athletically.


I don’t see a Bridges/Ignas comparison at all. Bridges is an elite athlete and leaper. Not the most natural scorer IMO. What do you think is similar about the two players?

Thomas/Brooks at least seems on the right track in terms of uniquely built and sized combo forwards who knows how to score.


I just typed what I find similar. Bridges is explosive but he’s not particularly quick. Matthews for instance had no issue staying in front of Bridges but was susceptible to getting over powered.

I like my comparison and will stick with it :slight_smile:


I really think you are underselling the difference in athletic ability between those two guys. Also probably underselling Iggy’s feel as an offensive player.


I appreciate what your saying and can see your argument. I think you’re overselling the athletic difference and underselling Bridges feel as a scorer. He’s definitely more scorer than shooter, though he can shoot too.

Bridges really would have benefitted from Coach Beilein instilling fundamentals into his offensive game. Bridges would often get into the lane but force off balance shots due to poor fundamentals. Thankfully Izzo didn’t stress fundamentals as much as the master down the road in AA


Just find it strange to compare a guy who is one of the best athletes in the draft to a guy who has the biggest questions to answer about his athleticism at the college level.


I don’t agree with the criticism. Brazdeikis has no questions to answer about his athleticism imo. He’s plenty athletic. I find it strange to infer Brazdeikis is not a + athlete.

What exactly are your questions about Brazdeikis’ athleticism as it translates to college hoops? I don’t see it as a weakness.