2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Interesting to conjecture that Detroit could become a conduit for Michigan players, opening up spaces as needed on our roster. I wonder if other high major programs have relationships like this with coaches at nearby friendly schools? Would it look unseemly if it happened on the regular? Pure conjecture, but intrigues me.



Everyone gets all up in arms when it’s not their school…but rationalizes the value of it when it is their school.


Additional highlights of Iggy playing well this year. The kid has gotten MVP at every event his high school team has been to.


Vince Baldwin is a scout for Nike, so high praise coming in.

Iggy finished with 28 points and 12 rebounds against Findlay Prep, who are likely the top team in the country this year.


My favorite thing in all the video we saw was how tough and poised he is (on top of his top shelf talent). Guy plays with bad intentions. Love it. Wish we had him this year :wink:

Looked back at what I said the first time I saw Iggy: “Iggy’s game looks extremely complete and composed.” So excited he’ll be here next year.


Scout puts him as the 2nd best scorer in his entire class yet still has him ranked in the 40’s… I just don’t get recruiting rankings.


Thanks for posting this. Love keeping up to date on our soon to be Wolverines.


I think I’m more excited for Iggy than any other JB recruit ever. Every video I’ve ever seen the kid is a monster. Just feels like such a rare physical scoring machine who should translate right away. I’m still drooling over a Poole, Matthews, Iggy starting set of wings next year - that lineup would weirdly remind me of this year’s Florida team with how diverse, aggressive and confident they are as scorers. Now all we need as a Chiozza-like point guard


Once again, Brazdeikis is getting buckets and rebounding well.





So-so v Huntington Prep. Vintage sunset Kiki Vandewege.



Its going to be interesting to see how Iggy’s game translates to college next year.

Come early January of his Frosh season he’ll already be 20 years old. I’m on the fence as to him being a first year impact player.

I’m really skeptical to see if his mature HS physicality is going to be limited going against B1G athletes. We’ll see.


I’m pretty sure he would be making this team a considerably more dangerous and complete team if he walked on campus today, so that’s where I stand. I don’t know how high the ceiling goes and he does seem more physically developed than most, but I think he will be an effective player.


I think if there is one thing that can be considerably improved upon, it would be his jump shot. Belein is a jump shot guru so if he can successfully improve Iggy’s shot from deep and Iggy’s 3 level scoring ability carries over to college, he will be a beast. A 6’8 versatile beast.


Obviously athleticism is something he can improve but that is tougher to do than a jump shot. Human’s can only improve so much physically but skills can be rapidly improved quicker than a physical trait generally.


As I said a while back, do people think Niang was some kind of great athlete? Would we have loved having him in AA? Hell yes.


He’s 19. Already? Still love him but if so that means he’s pretty much livers age. That might be a better competition than some think.