2018 Recruiting Notes


Locke seems like a lights out shooter. The hope is that he can create off the dribble and defend. College hoops has gotten A LOT smaller recently and having two small guards playing at the same time isn’t as crazy as it use to be. If both (DeJulius and him) basically play PG, then it’s a perfect fit for Beilein’s 2 Guard offense.


Seems like it is moving that way, hypothetically if we got him we would have 4 guards under 6-2. X, Eli, DD and Noah. Only worry with DD is finishing ability. I know this is jumping way ahead but just trying to get opinions on the small guard thoughts. Just want one 6-5/6 kid who is an athlete with the ball.


I feel like we need a 2 guard as much as anything in the 2018 class. I prefer Carmody but Locke is interesting. Pretty good offer list with Minnesota, Maryland, Xavier, Marquette, Florida, Pitt, ND, Virginia, etc.

I too prefer a bigger scoring guard though.


New Scout rankings

Notables: Dejulius looks like he just missed. Brandon Johns (100), Robby Carmody (95), Noah Locke (91), Jerome Hunter (61), Cole Swider (69), Race THompson (71), Pete Nance (77), Damezi Anderson (82), Ignas Brazdeikis (39),


Looks like Gabe Brown was pretty close too. Kind of strange to apparently have them ranked in order after 100 but list them all as NR. You can see anyway how close players were in terms of position rankings.


And Poole is 6-5, so not too small, and he can pass the ball.


With Poole and Brooks already around, I’m not sure we “need” a two guard, but I’d be happy to land either Carmody or Locke.


Why is Michigan not listed as a school of interest for Iggy?


Scout updates that stuff about once a year


Marcus Bingham #55. Wow.


Who is he being recruited by?


It’s not clear where Brooks will play yet and they still would have just 4 guards on the roster. 5 is more ideal I think and both Locke and Carmody would have a chance to get significant minutes.
Locke and Carmody are also likely kids Beilein sees as perfect fits, too good to pass on given what they can bring to the offense.


Think this kid really wants to come to AA


Gotta love the passion.


Has anyone seen us listed with Bingham? Made huge jumps in rankings with his potential.


Heavy Sparty lean at this time.




If only we could get him and Ignas in 18 I wouldn’t care who the others in the class were


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