2018 Recruiting Notes


It is interesting to note that all of his visits seem to be unofficial. Don’t you need qualifying grades and/or test scores to take official visits?

In any event he’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. Intriguing talent and seems to like Michigan.


From what I have read, Monday’s trip, while unofficial, will check all of the boxes required by JB to get an offer. Whether he is offered is another discussion. I think all of his other visits have been pretty casual.


My guess, as has been said, is that Beilein will lay out what he needs to do to get an offer.


I’m pretty sure the NCAA prohibits officials this time of year. Those happen in the Fall when classes are in full swing and the team is around. Beilein still does the academic tour before offering.


New rule actually allows early official visits (believe it is after Jan 1 of junior year). For example, Carmody is planning officials to Michigan, ND and Purdue in June. But you only get 5 officials, so most kids don’t want to use them too early.


Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t realize the rule had changed. I’m sure most programs prefer to host officials when the students, players and coaches are all around but it makes sense to give recruits more flexibility for scheduling officials.


Any rumblings from how Gabe Brown’s visit went today?


No offer as expected. Think he will be tracked very closely in July though.



Thought this was cool. Ya’ll might like. Retweeted Gabe’s tweet and he retweeted my retweet. Sorry couldn’t figure you how to embed the tweet itself so it’s a screenshot.



So would Race come in as a 4 or is the staff looking at him as a potential more athletic small 5?

Also think we would have any renewed interest in Justin Ahrens?


Think a little more perimeter based Jordan Morgan. Race goes about 6’8" At this point in his career, I don’t see him as a 4 in Beilein’s system. Beilein’s 4’s are generally 3’s.


If he can hit 35% from 3 (not saying that he can, just saying) and rebound, then he can play the 4. Neither Glenn nor DJ were doing much ball-handling or offense-initiating. Biggest thing is being a reputable threat from the corner and able to guard other team’s small-ball 4s. But yeah, I dont know Race’s game well enough to know if he has the necessary shooting chops.

I’d definitely prefer that the 4 had some handles, though (looks like Livers does, even if he wont be running any iso’s or much PNR).


That’s what I was thinking and kind of hoping for, guy could be deadly in pick and roll and potential there for the pop as well. Liked he actually had a couple of post moves, that is one thing you barely saw when there was a switch in the pick and roll with the big having the guard in the post. Most of the time it was never thrown in.


Livers seems to be head and shoulders above Race as far as handles is concerned (I’ve never watched a full game of Livers).

Here’s a link to Race’s stats from the season. http://www.mnbasketballhub.com/roster_players/15609457

Head coach neglected to put a lot of his FGA, 3FGA, and FTA on there. Mostly because of scouting reports that burned him in the past (my team fouled the crap out of one of his former players because that coach posted all of his FT shooting).

I just don’t see Race being a fit within Beilein’s system. I think he is a talented player but more of a traditional 4 than a normal 4 that Beilein has had. He doesn’t do enough not the perimeter (ball handling and shooting) to make it work. I believe (no inside info) he really wants to be a “stretch 4” but isn’t there yet.


I’m not a fan of Thompson.


Corey Evans of Rivals reporting Noah Locke 6-2 or 6-3 guard from east coast is visiting on the 20th. You can probably guess what his strength is, shooting. Believe he has had a good eybl season.


He had a great eybl season, not a good one. Over 18 ppg, over 50% from the floor, and 49.5% from 3 on a very large volume (almost 7 3s per game). He looks to be an undersized shooting guard, which may be why his ranking varies from service to service (4* on some, 3* on others)–he doesn’t look 6’2" or 6’3" to me on video–but he can shoot and handle, that’s for sure.


True, looked up the stats after and he played well. Thoughts on the redundancy with DeJulius already in the class? Don’t know about his height but has some long arms. I just want one guy in the class who is a playmaker with the ball, seems like we are after a lot of shooters.


DeJulius was 5th in the eybl in assists out of 400 players, and IIRC, Dylan said he was very high up the list in off the dribble shots as well, so he appears to be a playmaker with the ball, creating for himself and others. Taking Locke would create a glut of small guards–I go back and forth on whether that matters a lot. The trend is certainly to smaller backcourts–from '13-'16, all of the NCAA winners started a backcourt with both guys measuring 6’2" or less.