2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Seems like Beilein and co have wised up and played the game a little smarter with the 17 class. Last year they were too in love with plan A.


Which is beyond frustrating as a coach, but a die hard fan of this program. I can’t recall a couple classes in a row where there was the same approach to offers/strategy. It really seems like they are grasping at straws and see what sticks.


The more I hear from DeJulius the more I love him. Can not wait for the kid to come in and wish he would be here next year. I am actually fine with all this Winston news as I am really high up on Xavier Simpson. He is showing he can play and will get his time to shine and come through. I hope that is this year and not next year. Would love to see Walton lose minutes to him


I doubt the Winston story. I believe that Winston may have told those guys that, but I doubt that he really meant it. If it is true, he has no one to blame but himself. He was made a priority for a long time and had ample time to commit, but instead, he kept stalling and flirting with MSU. I don’t blame JB for moving on. A bird in the hand…


It is actually a well known story out there that Cash was going to come to Michigan. You are right that he had plenty of time to make that happen though.


Ehhhhhh. I always heard from UD students that Cassius wore Michigan stuff around school constantly, never MSU.


And your point is?


There was a lot pointing to him having been a Michigan lean that was clearly available to both informed people (MattD) and uninformed (me). I was 4 years ahead of Cassius at UD and went back all the time, I ALWAYS heard Michigan as the favorite. I can completely believe it


Why didn’t he commit then? We recruited him forever. I can’t blame Beilein for moving on in that scenario…


No one doubts that Michigan was Cassius’ favorite. But by how much? If he was all in on Michigan, he would have committed when he was told that X was ready to pull the trigger.
Actually, it was his dad who got the news and was asked to make a decision. The response was that they didn’t want to be rushed into a decision. :smirk:He was kinda insulted that Beilein put pressure on him.


I can’t either. Never have. I never even thought he was worth the trouble of going all in on outside of the optics of a head to head win against Izzo against a Detroit kid who plays for The Family.

Cash was doing things in his timeline. He wasn’t going to be pressured into anything. Beilein had no choice but to take bird in hand considering being burnt by Gary Battle and the fact that X was about to go with Wisconsin.


I am with most others on here at not being too bent out of shape on missing Cash. I think the secondary effect of State getting Bridges as part of their potential package deal is the hurt. Everything that I understood was that he would have gone to UK if Winston would have gone elsewhere… Bridges at UK would be scary though


Love Winston’s offense. Hate Winston’s defense.

Very excited about DeJulius.


New film on Dave. I was at the game and the film doesn’t do it justice, he was absolutely dominant. He’s one of the best shooters off the dribble in the country in my opinion. Never going to be a top 50 type based on lack of size/athleticism, but he is an 80-100 type to me.


Like what I see from him. He will be an instant impact. Also liking how he has the UM color shoes on!


The ability to shoot off the dribble is huge. Like to see that stop and pop.


Burke was not considered a great athlete at time of signing yet with hard work exceeded expectations does David have that upside and work ethic to blow up?


Dave’s work ethic may exceed Trey, but obviously I can’t know for sure. Dave obviously has limited upside based on size, but his ability to shoot off the dribble is elite. I think that will translate to the half court at Michigan. I’m extremely bias toward Dave, but he’s going to have issues on defense early on as well. As much as I like the kid personally, have to tell it like it is.


Great chance to see two future Wolverines square off against each other this weekend.


I’ve wanted 2 PG lineups since that 2015 class and seeing teams like Nova, UL and Duke do well with them. Dave, X and Brooks is a solid trio. Love the big PnR wings like Caris and Nik but I think it might be easier finding quick, strong PGs with the ballskills to run PnR than running the risk of ending up with a Dawkins or Kam.