2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Iirc Terry Mills won Mr. Basketball and the overall consensus was Derrick Coleman was the much better player. Win some lose some. Derrick Coleman finished 4th!!

Jesus that’s a lot of talent

Here is link. Engrossing stuff



Mills was #2 in the country behind J.R. Reid in '86. Coleman and Anthony Pendleton were both top 10 in the nation. Michigan was loaded that year with top talent.



I wonder what David thought of the game last night. He must be anxious to get here and join the fun.



Ummm, that wasn’t close to the consensus. Mills was super highly rated as a recruit.


Don’t know if you were in Detroit at the time, and I’m not referring to the media, but basketball people were adamant that Derrick Coleman was a better prospect than Terry Mills, and they were correct. No shame on Terry Mills. Not saying Mills wasn’t a worth Mr Basketball, he was.

Mills was “super highly rated”; most who saw both play could see that Coleman was better. Maybe we ran in different circles and your peeps were of a different opinion than my peeps


I am from Detroit and Coleman was always more athletic than Mills but Mills game was more mature and fundamentally sound. Mills was also a different player in high school the prop 48 sit out year really hurt him physically. I remember them playing in one of the high school all star games Mills and Colemen both on the same team against JR Reid and they dominated.


Foster Loyer looks absolutely incredible offensively right now.

Loyer had 29 points in the first half. 10 of 13 from the floor I believe. Threes off the catch, off the dribble from a step behind the line, mid range pull ups, creative left hand finishes. I have major doubts it will translate at MSU but that was one hell of a half


Izzo will find a way to stifle him :wink:


I am so glad we moved on from Taylor Currie


The physical difference from high school players (at least these players) and the college level is stark. It appears that HS doesn’t have weight rooms.


Back to back for Loyer and Clarkston today. Total blowout.

I’ve been to ALOT of MHSAA State Finals, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a diminutive kid just flat out dominate the opposition like that.

26-36 from the floor for the Semis and Final combined. 13-22 from three. 82 points in two games.

He might not have awe inspiring measurables, but he’s one of the greatest HS players this State has ever seen.

His EFG% is unbelievable.


Wow, great performance! He may not be an elite prospect, but he can certainly play the game. Curious what role he’ll have with Winston ahead of him for (presumably) 2 years


I see no reason Loyer and Winston won’t play together. Nice shooting backcourt. Play small with Langford on the wing. It’ll be interesting watching those Spartans


Defense on perimeter would be fun to watch:)


maybe Winston would fare better guarding a bigger guard. It’s clear he can’t stay in front of Simpson at this point, but, like Duncan Robinson, maybe he’ll start playing smarter, more dedicated defense, to help offset his shortcomings.

I think Coach Beilein could win with Winston; Izzo certainly has had success with him. I think he’s a gifted offensive player. He’s not the only PG to get Simpson’d this year. I think the better narrative is how underrated Simpson is as opposed to heaping scorn on Winston.


Would be interested in seeing how the 5’8" and 6’0" backcourt works on D.


I think M will be doing something similar next year. Simpson will be paired at times with DeJulius or Brooks. I agree it will be interesting.


Well maybe now that Schilling/Goins/Carter is gone, maybe Izzo will actually play small. But I will have to see it to believe it.


Drew Neitzel was a kid who drug his team to a very high level. Remember him in high school just torching the nets in the state finals