2018 - G - Noah Locke (Florida Commit)


Ironically Coach Jere Quinn said the same thing. :grinning:


@MFAUST actually beat you to that comparison by 5 hours!


Dang it. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that guy @MFAUST …next time…next time…


Was Ahrens REALLY ever a free agent to the point where we had a chance with him? If so and we choose Nunez then yeah but somehow I feel that Ahrens was just going through the motions and wanted to be courted by the new OSU staff.


I got the sense that he would have come here if offered.



Nembhard/Locke is a good pairing. Will be fun to track their success over the next few years


As a gator and wolverine, it will be interesting to see which of the 2 (Locke and Nunez) becomes more successful.


I had Jordan Poole pegged as our Ray Allen 2.0. I now have Nunez pegged as our Allan Houston 2.0 or Brandon Roy 2.0. Flip a coin I would be happy if he Mirrored either one of them.