2018 - G - Jamal Bieniemy (Target)



Figured we should start a thread on this guy. He looks like Caris 2.0. I recall that He Who Shall Not Be Named liked him a lot.


Here’s the fresh video that went up with the article.


I though Ibi Watson was Caris2.0 :sunglasses:


there’s still hope. that would be a good problem to have.


I’m just having some fun with the player comps, that’s all


Who is He Who Shall Not Be Named?


Uh, he cannot be named.


rhymes with splat flea
correction: stressed avocado
actually both are correct and should not be named.


A 2018 class of Dave, Hunter, and Bieniemy would be pretty nice!


Be ecstatic with that class.


I’m so confused right now lol


Lol - he’s referring to a couple of forum members who have provided great insight on the recruiting trail and player evaluations, but tend to look at our coach’s recruiting philosophy in a negative lens (to put it mildly).

I think we should probably just start calling them Splat Flea and Stressed Avocado in the meantime!


They also run this website and interviewed JB.


He’s not as talented (still very talented), but he’s got some of that unorthodox Jalen Rose game going on out there on the court. I can see the LeVert comparison too, even a mix of Darius Morris. I guess I’m saying his game is unique and he has a bright future in basketball. I think M is fortunate if they get him.


You know I think you guys got what you wanted which was for those two posters to not be here. But why continue to bring those individuals up, which to me make those doing so look just as childish as the positions they were taking about JB. Now, continue beating your selves on the chest. Or how about a novel idea and lets talk about recruiting targets.


lighten up.


Fair enough - I respect them both for their basketball minds and was never one to indulge in any back and forth that wasn’t on the level. The only reason they’re brought up in this post is because of their endorsement of Jamal’s skills…Frankly, the only reason I’m excited about Bieniemy’s interest in UM is because those guys told us he was worth being excited about.


He got the front page of mgoblog treatment so he must be doing something right. That happens like 5 times per year, if that.


Well, I would say that not liking Beilein is one thing but embellishing is another. That wasn’t a smart thing to do but I don’t know if he heard back on how it was received.