2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


I had never heard of a Wolf position mentioned before. Is that a guy who hunts shots? Runs the PnR? Was Caris in the Wolf position?

And by “start right away” does Hunter think that means be in the starting lineup right away? Coach B doesn’t promise anyone minutes, but maybe he means make an immediate impact, like what Butler told him.


Wolf position is a problem solver; gets things done


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Stud. Unfortunately no mention of UM.





archie miller scares me. he’s in with carmody too.


Agreed - I foresee us in many more recruiting battles with Archie than we were with Crean.



Here’s a snip from a Columbus Dispatch article by Adam Jardy on Jerome Hunter:

Link = http://www.dispatch.com/sports/20170505/mens-basketball--pickerington-norths-hunter-on-ohio-states-radar


Hunter is by FAR the best prospect we are still proactively recruiting ( with a realistic shot of getting.)

Just a matter of time before the blue bloods start come sniffing around. That kids ceiling is through the roof.


I agree, he is the most intriguing prospect on Michigan’s board to me as well. I guess, depending on how you want to rate Shittu ---- he’s better than Hunter, but I’m not sure if UM’s realistically in the running for Shittu?

But Hunter seems like a very good fit for UM’s system and a good “alpha player” to mix in with the skills of the players already committed to the program.


I like Hunter a lot. However, I think that characterizing him as by far the best prospect we are recruiting is a stretch. Brazdeikis is a terrific prospect in a completely different way–far less athletic, but as ambidextrous as I’ve seen on a prospect in awhile, and the possessor of a complete, sophisticated offensive game and a college ready body. I think Nance is a very good prospect (yes, I know, he’s having a bad weekend, I’ll take him in a hurry), with a unique skill set and ability to create off pick and roll for a kid of his size. I like Johns a lot as well, though his motor seems less consistent than the others.

I’ll take any two of those four and be very, very happy.


Here’s a kernel of truth from one working part in Jerome Hunter’s recruitment. The guy who responds, Mark McTeague, to Steve Helwagen is part of the football coaching staff at Pickerington North:


Replying to @SteveHelwagen
Hunter’s not going to OSU. Guarantee it.


Well if he really doesn’t like OSU that much, he’ll be a natural fit in Ann Arbor :wink:


Never though OSU was competition here…Xavier is. Xavier has almost become the big hoops program in OH as of late.

Mack is big time


Indiana now as well. Those two along with UM are probably in the upper tier of teams, but other big programs could come knocking.