2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


How are the 3/4 spots more crowded at Michigan? You mentioned three guys for two spots over three classes while IU just picked up three guys for those 2 spots in one class plus another three highly recruited underclassman already on campus at those spots.


Hunter had all the opportunity in the world to come to M. He just didn’t wanna be here. So much for the early identification and the Caris angle.




I didn’t realize they had three guys coming in. I think it’s very arguable Anderson and one of the guys coming in (who is 6-4) can play the two, but of course that still leaves them with four guys at the 3/4 positions.

The reality is, we’re not going to get every kid we want, and I’m not surprised Miller is getting recruits at Indiana, which is a top 5-10 program in college hoops over the past 40 years.


We offered all 3 of those Indiana commits. The lip service from recruits regarding player development is meaningless when compared to personal relationships with their future coach.


Soooo hows Iggy’s personal relationship with JB?


He was my favorite target in this class, so it hurts. But if we get Iggy, it’ll make up for this loss. And I’d rather he go to IU than OSU. JMO


In fairness, Miller identified him even earlier while at Dayton so his hiring at IU negated that angle for Beilein.


I see this point but it is SO much different identifying someone early as a mid major prospect, offering, then continue to recruit him to your next destination as he blows up than it was for JB to identify a high major type talent before any other high majors and offer and continue to pursue dilligently through the process. It just so happened that Miller translated a good mid major coaching position into a good high major position and could easily justify continue recruiting Hunter at a high major level


Give me Brazdeikis & Locke.


Not the best of luck for Beilein, no doubt.


And Indiana offered Brandon Johns.

It’s not like Hunter picked Nebraska or something. Don’t you think it’s entirely possible JB did a very good job of recruiting him and ultimately, he just liked Indiana better? It happens.

In recruiting, you can’t worry about the kids you don’t land, you have to focus on the ones you do. If we get 1-2 solid commits in this class, we’re in great shape.


This is why you keep on recruiting, as Beilein did, even after you offer your primary targets.