2018 - F - Damezi Anderson (IU Commit)

Michigan offered him today while he was on a visit.

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A month ago, but some insight on his recruitment:

Oh no…!!

College coaches have wanted to see strides in effort, rebounding and defense, Anderson said, but the offensive prowess alone is formidable.

hah - I live about 10min from his (current) school and have seen him a few times. I was just about to say he appears too passive. Not lazy but it looks like the effort isn’t there and he just coasts with the game. He’s not very assertive on either end of the floor and his ball handling is pretty loose. But he’s the kind of guy that will end the game with 20 points and you hardly noticed him.

He’s added a lot of strength in the past year - I’d just like to see him put it to use on the boards.

Rumors he’ll possibly transfer to LaPorte LaLumiere and I think that would actually be good for him. His HS team just went thru a coaching mess anyway. He seems like a low floor high ceiling kind of guy to me. Pretty raw but lots of potential and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the Top 100 soon.

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Looks like zak Irvin lite.

pass on this guy. he cant even get off the ground, cant jump

This tape doesn’t do his athletic ability justice. He has some hops.

/sarcasm. he has quirky shooting form, sort of a set shot. doesn’t always elevate, but on a few shots he did. release is quick enough. hops are definitely there.

Watched the first half of Meanstreets/Takeover to get a look at Anderson. He has Darius Bazley and it rarely sees the ball because their team is Bazley centric, and everything runs through him.

He was 3-4 from 3 including an and 1 for a 4 point play. Also hit another 3 with a guy all over him but there was a stoppage of play right before the shot. He had an assist in transition. Meanstreets was playing mostly zone and moved back and forth from the front of it to the back of it depending his team’s personnel.

Eval: Catch and shoot 3’s and very good at it. Can really make contested 3’s. Didn’t handle the ball very much, so I have no idea if he can break anyone down. It was mostly the Darius Bazley show and Anderson probably touched the ball 10 times or less the whole half. I was not impressed with his defensive intensity. He played in the zone very similarly to most HS kids and wasn’t very active. He did not mix it up at all to battle for rebounds. I figured he would a bit more with his frame but that was not the case.

Coaches in attendance: Beilein, Matt Painter, Cuonzo Martin, assistants from Indiana, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ga Tech, Louisville, Nebraska and a slew of others. The coaches’ section was jam packed. Greg Paulus was there again…showed up at halftime…hmmmm.

I am confused by the paulus reference. are we considering him?

No idea but he’s at Peach Jam evaluating kids. I’ve seen him twice in the same gym as Beilein.

Sure hope so, I assume lots of staffs are. He was first name I thought of after Meyer left (even before Donlon). With that said I don’t think we’ve seen any public links between he and UM to this point

Figured this was going to be Purdue in the end but…

Archie Miller is on a roll…

Wow. Not that surprised that IU was able to land all of these guys, but to get them all to commit at one time is interesting.

Not that disappointed about Thompson or Anderson though. I don’t think Thompson is a good fit for the 4 in our system and I like Tyson/Locke more than Anderson at the 2

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Wow! I thought Purdue had that one locked up. Painter has been on him a long time.