2018/2019 - Big - Taylor Currie (Wisconsin Commit)


I don’t know, if I’m 17 and get the offer to go to Wisconsin – Madison is pretty great, Wiscy is a good school, they’ve just produced Kaminsky and Happ, I’ve been to a couple college parties, they told me I could play PF there possibly, their depth chart is pretty light at the 4/5 – and I’ve already told my buddies I’m leaving early and I’ve had some misunderstanding with the Michigan coach (even if, for the sake of argument, this is mostly my fault) and I’m living with my parents in Clarkston (which I’m sure is nice and all), I don’t think it would be a no brainer to wait around for a different school just because I rooted for it growing up.

I wish him luck and hope Castleton has a much better career (or at least a lot more wins).


I think it’s just the term that bothers me. If I knew I could get my “dream job” by waiting a year I probably wouldn’t pass it up and take a similar one a year earlier if it wasn’t that big of an inconvenience to me. In this instance I’d look at it as the first opportunity to put the team before myself.


Yeah, probably better to think of the term as meaning the school they rooted for growing up. I coincidentally happened across this piece on DeJulius today where he notes that Michigan was his “dream school” but that didn’t make choosing to go there a simple decision.

When David DeJulius received an offer from Michigan back on December 17, 2016, he used two words to sum up his initial feelings.

“Dream school,” DeJulius said. “It’s the school I’ve always loved to watch play.”

However, deciding where he wanted to play basketball, wasn’t that simple.

“I had to ask myself, if I wasn’t the star player on the team could I see myself playing here,” DeJulius said. “After looking at their playing style, the education and the family atmosphere around the program I said ‘I absolutely could’.”