2018-19 Michigan hoops over/under predictions



Any major disagreements? Let me hear what you guys think.


I think over 43.5 points for Poole, Matthews, Iggy is close to a lock for me. I have a hard time seeing Poole and Matthews both at only 14 PPG, I think someone is going to have to take a larger jump there, and my bet is that it is Poole.

I also will go out on the unpopular limb that Charles Matthews won’t get drafted (I was the one who put that line at 0.5). I’m sure he will declare regardless, but I think he’s closer to a Manny Harris, Zak Irvin type than the next great JB NBA wing. I’m skeptical he makes the skill improvements needed to even sneak into the 2nd round, and he will be 22 come draft time. Won’t be surprised to see him earn a two-way contract and find his way onto a roster anyway, but I dont remember too many 22 year old shooting guards who can’t shoot getting drafted, even late in the 2nd round.


This thing is great to recap @ years end. I love that last question . It happens every year hahaha.