2017 Schedule Update

Michigan will play 2 games before the 2K Classic. Out of these 4 teams they will play 2 of them (included their 2016 ken pom rating)

EMU 157
Gardner Webb 218
Howard 333

Hopefully it’s the first two because once again playing Howard does nothing for the schedule. Then we get into playing a bunch of teams in the 200’s and maybe a couple 300’s. Probably another reason not to play in these type of tournaments since you’re obligated to play a couple games that bring down your schedule.

These tournaments are basically one of the few ways to schedule high major games though.

So we’ll play two of Pitt, SMU and Marquette, which is solid. Then Cincinnati. Plus the ACC/B1G Challenge. They typically try to match teams up with equivalents in the other conference. So we’re probably looking at Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, FSU, or Clemson. Pitt finished around us but I doubt they would match us up when we already potentially play each other.

Also a possible Gavitt Games matchup

True but it also just looks like a way not to spend time carving out a schedule. Do teams play 12-13 non conference games? So with this tourney and the ACC/B1G tourney 5 games are already schedule for you. Then teams go out and schedule 3-4 patsies ranked high 200’s or worse. So right then you have 8 games already schedule without doing much work.

I would hope that they take these games into consideration when scheduling the rest of the cupcakes… i.e. don’t invite whichever team finished last in the SWAC. It’s just empty calories. Really the non-conference schedule strength should increase because it looks to be a down year for the Big Ten outside of MSU.

Another (minor) consequence of finishing in bubble territory is getting uninspiring ACC match-ups that perpetuate the cycle. Though FSU with Jonathan Isaac could be interesting. With their talent, they should have been better this year.