2017 Recruiting Thread

Wanted to try and get a 2017 recruiting thread going as there were some good ones on the old board for the 2016 targets. See below all the recruits that I have seen mentioned over the last few months, hard to believe how little information gets out.

Jaren Jackson-Only other offer, guess he would be a 4?
Brian Bowen-in state product, probably a long shot. Surprised he hasn’t been offered.
Kris Wilkes-Got to think he is next in line for an offer?
Jordan Tucker-top 40 kid with some Michigan ties, really hope we are after him hard. Type of wing we need
Jamal Cain-hope we offer soon, in state and with huge potential
Terrence Lewis-wants to visit us, described as high motor kid so sign him up
Paul Scruggs-Indy product who is known for toughness. Probably long shot
Nojel Eastern-watched him months ago, don’t know if Poole took his spot. Hope not

Xavier Tillman and Donnie Tillman are two instate kids.

Surely missing some so add to the list. Going to be an interesting spring to see how things shake down with scholarships. The roster is not balanced very well with the gluttony of posts. Hope JB adjusts his targets a bit and focuses on motor/defence a bit more in the future.

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I try looking up stuff a lot and rarely find news on our recruiting front. I don’t pay for anything so if anyone has good info I’d love to hear it