2017 Recruiting Notes

Beilein was also looking at '18 PG David DeJulius in the Cornerstone game. DeJulius a top three instate kid, with a monster future. He had 24 last night.

I saw Beilein at the PSL championship FWIW. I assume he was watching Greg Elliot? Not completely sure though. Speaking of EEVP, I am surprised Kamari Newman didn’t get any high major looks. I always thought he should be getting looks other than George Mason.

Beilein can do a lot worse than Greg Elliot, but if he is tracking Elliot, I am not sure what he didn’t see in Newman. I think Kamari has higher upside

I said “future guys”:

Wesson – No. 73
Funderburk - No. 68
Culver - No. 45 / ESPN: 53
I had previously talked about Xavier Tillman: No. 77

Admittedly Williams and Tillmon are a bit higher 4-stars, but there goes your “literally”.

That said, I am in agreement that we need a different style of big more than just a higher level. Presumably there a few midwestern Xavier/SMU types who would fit the bill, but are they “high character” guys? /s

Unrelated note, but I am not sold on Kyle Young as a guy to replace Zak.

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I’ve been watching videos of all kyles games. He is a winner. Solid shooter very sneaky athlete. Good back to basket. He’s just all around very solid. His team wins for a reason. Give him another year at high school and he’ll be a stud. I could see him going to Wisconsin and destroying us in the swing offense. He’d be a greAt fit there too. I think get him and Poole would be a solid duo to team with Xavier Ibi and Davis or teams,.

I like the potrntiAl of the 17 team actually. Xavier rahkman Dawkins Wagner and maybe young or chatman or Wilson. Not sure who. I’m fairly certain Wagner will play his roll into top big nan soon though. I believe he’s got the upside to be good downlow. I think he’s got moves. I’m still surprised we don’t see him more now. There’s so many guys on this team Round the same level that’s why I’m surprised we don’t see them when we’re struggling. At least see if they will provide the spark.

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JB really needs to offer Cain to lock him up b4 everybody else gets in on him, word is Cain’s pops actually went up to introduce himself to CJB but I guess it’s against rules right now for them to speak and JB told him that. The only reason this kid hasn’t blown up is bc I hear he doesn’t participate in AAU.

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JSmith. I wouldn’t offer right now. This kid needs a ton of work off of that video. His handles are extremely loose, his body is everywhere on his jumper, and plays out of control a lot. Strength is also going to be a major issue. Would like to see some other clips though. He also plays class D which inflates stats though his school does play a decent schedule outside the small schools

He looks no different than Ty Groce and Groce is going to Northeastern. Also if they didn’t offer the kid from East English, who is way better, I don’t see the point in offering this kid. One to watch though because a lot can happen in a year.


I like Kyle young more. This is not cains best video. I’ve seen Cain get busy before. Let’s move outside of the region for this sf or tweener 4. Iike hamir wright of Albany. Kids top hundred of 2017. Similar skills as Cain but more consistency. I like Jackson more too.

I like kams prospects for next year. I could see him starting over Aubrey or Duncan if the other two don’t improve defense. He at least will be a top six man in the conference. I believe they should encourage at least Doyle to leave and get Wagner ready off the bench. Roll with

http://youtu.be/w9EKp87GBnU works hard still growing we shall see


Go with that nine man rotation.Maybe encourage Wilson to leave with Doyle as we have actually like dj and his potential but with the wAy they recruited there’s no spot I can see. Redshirt teske and ibi. Play nine guys . Use Davis and dakich As last resort

Need game film. Workouts show nothing.

Sly I’m intrigued with Young. I watched some highlights. Really like the fit he would be in what JB likes to do

Sly who is interested in Young’s teammate?

There is definitely potential there. It would be nice to see how much he has progressed during the high school season. After watching the “highlight” tape and workout video, he looks like a mid major wing that will get some high major looks if he doesn’t sign early.

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Nice workout video. Honestly didn’t see much to like in the scrimmage video that Dylan posted above, but this is somewhat reassuring. Want to like cause he seems like a competitor and has solid tools.

That said, in a post-Chatman situation it’s hard to discount the importance of high-level competition in evaluation. I bet Chatman could dazzle in an open gym. I also think back to Seth Towns (who was always a bit underwhelming) and I just don’t see anything approaching Towns’ skills in the scrimmage clip (and Towns played against good competition). In retrospect, it’s funny how so many of us thought we’d get a huge boost after the NC run and thought we could do way better than Towns, who now looks pretty appealing. Though I still hold out hope.

WB I liked Towns. Think the kid has a lot of potential. Of course this is based of film from a couple years ago. No clue what he is now

In retrospect I do too.

Not sure I love Logan. He was getting mid major looks if I recall when I looked him up.Problem with Logan is he’s 6 5 but he plays like a straight big man. He’s super athletic and Sn elite finisher/ defender at the rim. Could he play the four at d one? Probably not at that size. But he has no jumper or handle from what I see.

Young Is the better prospect because of his deadly three ball/ one inch taller. But Logan seems to be even more the reason Jackson ( their high school) is so good. They are such a great 1 2 combo. Surrounded by a bunch of great three point shooters who play tough and it makes them a really good high school team.

Young is going to be better then anyone realizes. There’s no wAy he’s not a top 100 kid. He’s just as good as Poole imo and pool jumped to 52. Young is just so steady and an above average athlete which he doesn’t appear to be. Give him another year of high school and he’s going to be a problem. You let him play the four for us and he will be a great compliments for Wagner/davis/teske. Most importantly he looks like s heady player who’s team just wins.he plays physical and can finish. Great pass decent handle and a great three ball.

Coach b has to finish here. I’m scared he fits wiscondins system very well. He also seems to be the type who would fit at west va,Xavier, and butler who are all recruiting him. It would be a nightmare seeing him on big red in that swing offense just torturing us on the block or outside, but I really feel he’d be the best four man fit we’ve had here. He looks like a tough rebounder who blocks s lot of shots. His fit on offense looks obvious.

Poole and young paired with Simpson ibi and either teske or Davis is a team I could see winning a lot of games.we could use a elite wing defender to go back up ibi and Poole as defense doesn’t seem to be their forte. I’d like to see them get another wing in 17 even if they get young. I see that as bigger then another point. Add a athletic defensive minded wing to pair with young and Poole and we will be getting somewhere. Unless that pg is elite. Like the kid from Indiana. Futures potentially bright starting next year,

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