2017 offer candidates?

Anybody know of 2017 prospects that we’re sitting well with or offer candidates for this summer? Would assume Bowen and possibly Tillman but not aware of anybody else even on the radar. Thanks

Wanted to resurface this topic cause it never got any play when it was first started. Really curious who might get the first offers? Has anyone visited in order to get the offer, Bruce Bowen? Kris Wilkes? Any thoughts

Bowen seems to be the only lock. I would agree on Wilkes too…don’t know if he’s visited campus yet though.

Xavier Tillman if he’s visited, but don’t think that has materialized.

What’s up with Christian David? Haven’t heard him mentioned in a while.

I don’t know, but there was no discussion of Moritz Wagner or Austin Davis two years ago. . . dozens of guys will come and go by the ‘17 signings, and we’ll probably get guys who aren’t on fans’ radar now.

Or maybe Wagner came up a while ago, then went away and came back…I vaguely remember something like that.