2017 - G - Nojel Eastern (Offer)

This guy needs his own thread. I figured I’d start it off with a few follow up links since his visit.
Michigan trending for another major target
Michigan visit best ‘by far’ for Eastern according to mom

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Some more from Nojel

I am liking the idea of Eastern more and more. Sounds like a perfect combo guard for us. Head on his shoulders; big guy; has some athleticism; could spell or supplant either Poole or Simpson.

I hope we get him. No knock on Davison. Just would prefer eastern with x and Poole as a match. Not sure how realistic Wilkes or Bowen are but out of guys I feel like we have a shot with a 17 class of
Tillman/ livers/ young

Would be a pretty serious group. That combined with the 16 class would be a good combo of skills. As unhappy as some were with that class, I think with time those four will all have a nice role. Plus a few of them have time to develop. If you follow it up with a big class in 17 the blend could turn into something huge.

I agree. I think more so than most other years I’d still be pretty happy with the haul we get assuming we don’t reel in a 5 star type. A lot of solid talent that could be developed into something special.

Looks likes offered him tonight.


Glad to see his transcripts worked out. I like this kids athleticism and versatility. He could guard 1-3. Looks like Hardaway Jr. with better ball skills and strength, I don’t know about the shooting.

I feel like he could be a more athletic Kam Chatman with a much better handle, which would be a valuable player to have. I’m not sure how much he would score, especially from the outside, so you would likely need to have some really good shooters around him for optimal utilization.

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His 3pt shot looks funky. He hunches over a bit, has a low release point and not much lift. I’d expect them to work a lot on his mechanics.

I’m glad we offered Eastern, and I’d love to have him, but I have a hard time seeing him coming here to be the 3rd guard.

Thats the thing though… I dont think it is a forgone conclusion that he is going to be the 3rd guard. I could easily see him slotting in above X or Poole

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The Darius Morris model of PG worked out for UM… Big PG that can pass over the PNR. We’ve had three short PGs since (Trey, Derrick and X) so would be interesting to go back to the tall PG. And Nojel is being recruited as a PG.


I agreed. Really want to see him on our roster. This class could be great. Hope b and the new assistants reel him in.

You may be right, I just don’t know if he will view it the same way when there may be other schools with a clearer path to a starting role.

Nice! Plus a PG that can finish around the rim…could open up the floor for kick outs more too.

I’m not comparing Eastern’s game to Jalen Rose, but the way he moves on the court, his composure, vision, and willingness to pass are reminiscent of Jalen, especially his composure.
Jalen was way more wickeder at this stage of development. Playing against future NBA players everyday in HS will do that for you.

“After July is over, we’ve been talking about cutting my list down to five or six,” Eastern said. “That’s what we’re trying to do.”
He said he may make a few unofficial visits in August, then take his official visits during the school year.

Just based on height/wingspan, the thought of Eastern-Teske-DJ Wilson down the spine of a Beilein 1-3-1 zone is enticing. With a Matthews and a Simpson or Poole on the wings. Creates an interesting “change of pace” defense option?