2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



Jordan Poole quote from Scout’s insider forum:
“They want me to come in and play a lot of the one. Losing Derrick and me being the playmaker that I am, a lot of the one and the two. Obviously, the two because I can shoot the ball and create my own shot a little bit. They want me to play a lot of the one as well because I am able to create plays for others, make the right play because I have a high basketball IQ and stuff like that. That’s why they’re pretty confident in getting me out there in the backcourt.”


Makes full sense if he can handle it, which the coaches are saying they think he can. Way more PT available to share with X and MAAR, then just MAAR.



Nice article. Poole seems perfect for Beilein and Michigan, from skill set to attitude.


Poole made a big jump in ESPN’s final rankings


Unfortunately he’s probably a 3 year Jump into the NBA.


These days, I take that as a good thing.


Agreed, mo and DJ are killing me. So hard for a school like Michigan to maintain momentum with attrition! I was hoping for an extended run and to reload! Penalized for success…won’t be surprised if we grab a transfer. This is the worst month for me…so much uncertainty.


Is there a way to see old versions to compare how much people moved?


Poole was already pretty high in ESPN’s rankings vs the other ones, as was Livers, but they both jumped 5-10 spots. I don’t know if there’s any way to do it on the ESPN site though.


Not sure…I might be confusing his ESPN rank with others, I recalled him being between 75-100+ every time I had seen


None of Brooks, Poole or Livers are ranked in the top 100 in the final Scout rankings. Bamba is #2





That’s hilarious. And Poole’s LaLu teammate Epperson is #62 yet hardly recruited by anyone?!


creighton, texas and utah isn’t too shabby.


That dude is the skinniest kid I’ve ever seen. Thought he was a freshman during LaLu’s national title game.


The first time I saw him I thought he was Blake McLimans



cant take a ton from the video other than VanFleet, an NBA player, is clearly better. Still fun to see Poole compete



Ya I have no idea what that means or is. I’m officially old.