2017 - G/F - Anthony Gaines (Target)



Even though this has gotten a little sidetracked, high end prep school coaches like the NEPSAC are often times still influencers in recruitments. More than an average high school in Missouri or something like that.


Hands down, if you have a prep school coach at Findlay, Prolific, LaLu, Huntington…much more influential than a typical HS coach. But then again, that is because the prep school is nothing more than a glorified AAU team


With Charles Matthews on the roster, I don’t see the fit for Gaines. I don’t mind checking in on him though. Sure hope we’d press for Cain 1000x’s more than Gaines though.


Honestly, Gaines is a power forward that is the size of Jordan Poole (perhaps smaller). I have no idea what utility he would have at UM.


Ja’sean Tate?


Tate had much better ball skills than Gaines.


I’ve seen very limited film on Gaines, and it wasn’t great. But, and it’s a big but, he absolutely got it done this spring summer against elite competition on the eybl circuit. This is a guy who averaged nearly 10 rebounds per game over 20 eybl contests (including Peach Jam) in about 26 minutes per game, averaged almost 15 ppg on 53%+ shooting (almost all from inside the arc), and had a very solid 54/39 assist/turnover ratio. If we’re going to knock a guy like, say, Brendan Johns for not playing well against top competition, and extrapolate from that that he’s overrated with respect to his potential college production, why wouldn’t Gaines’ stats (top 15 out of about 400 kids in regular season eybl efficiency stats) suggest that he’s underrated? Yeah, he doesn’t look the part–he looks like a very undersized 4 without eye-popping athletic ability or explosion who has limited range on his shot–but why then does he produce like he does?

I honestly don’t know how I feel about him–like Eli Brooks, limited film says one thing while the numbers, even against good competition, say something else. What intrigues me about Gaines is that he seems all wrong for what JB likes to do, and he does not have the athletic ability of wings like Matthews and GR III and Casey Prather who were/are not great perimeter threats, but were coveted by Beilein, yet we’re still visiting and involved. That says something about something.


His production is based on motor, and I love motor. Just don’t know if that translates as a 6’3-6’4 power forward with very little skill


I’ll speculate what M might like about Gaines.
He could thrive running the baseline in M’s offense
He can score. He’s a scorer. Scoring is an important skill in basketball. He’s unorthodox but he can score
Looks like he might have a knack on offensive rebounding. This too is a skill.
He looks like a kid who can put his head down and force his way to the bucket. Don’t need to be a great ball handler to do this, especially the way the game was called last year.
Maybe Donlon likes him? Looks like he could guard 2, 3 and 4

Personally I’m partial to guys who can score in the lane, it’s my favorite aspect of Eli Brooks’ game. I think his touch in the paint is elite. William Douglas, same thing, shows potential to get in paint and create havoc, now Gaines is another who can potentially be productive in numerous ways in the paint. Maybe a trend? My 2¢’s


I can see all of that with Gaines, but Eli Brooks scores in the lane? Not sure I see that at all on film


You know I’m a hundred percent with you on Tillman so no argument there. I was hoping he was our 4 of the future. Gaines would be a three though. Like people are saying probably nothing to it but I’d be ok with adding him for sure.


Hey mattd is there any chance gaines is reclassifying? Not sure his age, I should have looked it up but I’ve noticed a trend of city Rock kids prepping. Maybe he’s next to garner greater interest?


I’m starting to get why Gaines is so effective. He appears to be a heady player, very quick up and down jumping that’s why he’s a great rebounder/ tip artist. His handle appears to be better then we realize he just doesn’t use it as much as other guards. Looks like he’s nice scoring in the lane / nice head fakes and obviously running the floor and finishing at the rim he’s a beast.

I’m kinda hoping if we don’t take banba that Gaines might get the nod.



Nice get for them. Collins is getting some guys.


Really felt like butler was the move for him. I have a feeling he’s just the guy to give us headaches. Then again Mathews will be here