2017 - G - Brad Davison (Wisconsin Commit)

Looks like Davison was offered on his visit today

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EYBL footage and shot chart on the front page

I like the offer, but think Wisconsin is really pushing. He got his Wisconsin offer, scheduled all these visits and then is visiting Wisconsin again. Should be interesting to watch.

He’d be a great fit between X, Poole, Matthews in the backcourt. Doesn’t really step on any toes but can fill a lot of the gaps.

Word on the street in MN is that he’s a done deal to Wisconsin. From my understanding his parents don’t want him too far away from home.

With all of that being said, I’ve always thought he was a Northern Iowa (both of his sisters either have played there or are currently playing there) type kid. Just didn’t think he was a high major guy. He has clearly outplayed my evaluation of him this spring. I’ve probably seen him six to seven times for his HS or AAU team. Most of those times have been live. I have not watched very much EYBL this year. Having a child will do that to you.

Yeah feels like a Wisconsin lock. He already has the official team haircut!

I really like his offensive game, and the strengths from his shot-chart show some of the sweet-spots that Walton/MAAR see a lot of their looks.

He’ll work well in WIscy’s offense too, but I’m glad we gave him a serious look. Agreed with what Dylan said above that he’d have a nice meaningful role on this team that wouldn’t step on anyone’s toes.

Jerry Meyer put in a crystal ball to Michigan. I know that those are often educated guesses, but he is the director of scouting at 247. It’s possible that he has some inside information.

Interesting. If his crystal ball is as reliable as someone like Steve Wiltfong’s is for football… Then there’s a very good chance that Davison is blue.

Jerry Meyer is not a reliable source in this situation. He’ll probably switch the crystal ball to Wisconsin after he visits there.

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You very well might be right. However, Meyer did just post on the Michigan 247 board that he made his crystal ball pick based on a source that he trusts. He then hedged, somewhat, saying that it’s a Michigan-Wisconsin battle.

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I’ve said it before that I’ve watched Davison in person numerous times over the past few years and he has outplayed my previous evaluations of him. He is extremely intelligent on the floor and can really shoot it.

My biggest concern is his on ball defense. He has a tough time keeping quick guards in front. I’m not sure you can hide him in the Big 10. He is a great help defender and just took two huge charges vs. King James late in the game. Just not sure if he will be able to cover any quick guard in the league. Maybe the help that Donlon will bring will help but I’m just not sure.

Davison to Wisconsin

So does Eastern get an offer now and did any new combo guard targets pop up after this weekend besides Eli Brooks?

Think the concern with Eastern is related to his transcripts.

Brooks seems like the main new target that had Beilein watching him.