2017 - F - Kyle Young (Offer)

Starting a new thread for Kyle Young with a fresh batch of highlights from the Nike EYBL.

Top Ten Schools: Butler, Clemson, NC State, West Virginia, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin and Florida.

Young for a long time was my favorite prospect. Not best, but favorite. I still really like him and for the way our class is shaping up he might still be the best pf for our roster. Particularly if we add someone like Cain. I think a three point shooting/ face up 4 who rebounds well might just be what the dr orders now. I still like the idea of getting involved with Tillman ect but young might end up breing the best fit,depending on who is the next wing we add.

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For '17/18 the starting lineup will more than likely be -
Pg - Simpson
Sf - Matthews
Pf - Robinson
C - Wagner
I’m not sure young is the guy who can come in and start over any of those guys. I’d love to have him over most of the guys we are targeting besides Wilkes but he’d be playing a backup role his first year. So as long as he’s ok with that, I’d gladly take him and him be our starting pf the next 3 years.

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I think the Matthews get elevates guys like Jackson (the top guy on the board for me), Young, Cain, Lawrence and Livers, diminishes Tillman and even Wilkes, and basically eliminates Smith and Gaines. Don’t get me wrong–Wilkes is a terrific player and I’d love to have him (and I like Tillman too), but there’s going to be some overlap and difficulties playing everyone together–try to construct an offense playing Simpson, MAAR, Matthews, Wilkes/Tillman and a big, for example, and if you can, tell Thad Matta because he tried with a similar team and it didn’t work so well. Jackson, Young, Lawrence and Livers, by contrast, fit well with our roster as 4s, and Cain is a versatile, multi-position player who really complements Matthews and can play alongside him.


He looks like a young Tom Chambers (without the crazy hops) shooting the ball there. Seems like an outstanding fit for us. Rankings are interesting. From those highlights, I’d take him over TJ Leaf.

I don’t see Duncan starting at the four if we get a guy with Young’s size.


Senior Duncan Robinson will not go to a bench role for young. Wilkes yes, but not young.

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I’ll ask what I asked above–what half court offense are you running with a lineup of Simpson, MAAR, Matthews, Wilkes and a big? Who spaces the floor to give your athletes driving lanes? If they do get to the basket and the defense helps, where is the ball going?

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I would start young/Wilkes over Robinson as it seems you would. What we would do doesn’t matter, knowing beilein and what he would do, I’m just assuming Robinson is locked in the next two years.

Great point. All 5 would be average/below average 3 point shooters. Robinson fits in well with those 4 and him starting at the 3/4

Seems like arguing about the starting lineup two years down the road is a lost cause. So many question marks…

I think we can all agree that with Simpson, MAAR, Matthews in the rotation, there’s probably a need floor spacer. With Duncan Robinson in the rotation there’s probably a need for some defensive help.

There’s also still a void to fill for defending more traditional power forward. I think guys like Young, Livers, etc. would fill that gap obviously.

Like Dylan says, we’ll see (two years down the line and once Young hopefully commits).

I wasn’t suggesting Duncan would be on the bench. I’m suggesting if we get Young (or Jaren Jackson for that matter), Duncan won’t be playing the four.

In this offseason, I think you’re very likely to see Duncan working on increasing his agility, his vertical, and his quickness, with the thought that he can become more of a wing playmaker. He showed those skills at times last year. I’d say in two years, he’s probably either our starting two or our starting three, and I think MAAR may be coming off the bench in a sixth man role. Just my prediction.

I’m just not sure you can get away with Duncan defending fours. Young looks like he’s got much more length and jumping ability, and a wider body.

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This thread is about Kyle Young. Really like those highlights and I think he would be a good option to at least compete for the starting role as a freshman. Would depend on how quickly he picks up offensive and defensive schemes, as is the case with most freshmen. Shows some ability to hit some mid-range shots and definitely has the size to guard bigger 4s.

Moved the Duncan Robinson talk to another thread… Kyle Young seems like a pretty good fit at the four. Not necessarily going to do much off the bounce, but he can pick and pop, hit catch and shoot threes and is a plus finisher around the rim.

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I agree. Young is the guy I want the most out of our remaining (reasonable) targets

Same here. I want young pretty badly due to his upside and the fact he’ll be around a few years and be very productive.

Young is perfect stretch 4 that Beilein never had, but I am not optimistic about his recruitment.