2017 - F - Jaren Jackson (Offer)

Some fresh highlights of Jaren Jackson from USA BBall


He really has improved. Not that he wasn’t good before.

Scouting report from DX at USA BB

Jaren Jackson, 6’10, PF/C, Park Tudor High School, 1999

-Tremendous physical profile. 6’10 in shoes with a 7’3 wingspan and a 9’1 ½ standing reach. Big hands
-Very mobile. Quick off his feet. Runs well
-Highly proportioned frame that will continue to fill out. Already 225 pounds as a 16-year old. Will add as much strength as he needs in coming years
-Can make an outside shot. 32/81 in 21 Nike EYBL games this spring/summer. Awkward mechanics but has the touch to throw the ball in the basket. Shoots it the same way every time
-73% free throw shooter in EYBL
-Length and quickness gives him significant potential as a shot-blocker and rebounder, as well as getting in passing lanes.
-Shows potential stepping out on the perimeter and moving his feet when fully engaged
-Shows flashes of competitiveness and will make some incredibly impressive plays when he’s operating at full speed. To his credit, he realizes he needs to work on playing hard all the time, and is actively trying to improve on that
-Could become a really effective rim protector in time
-Shows some flashes of passing ability. Will move the ball and find the open man
-Has as much upside as any player at the tournament given his physical tools and natural talent. Only 16 years old. Somewhat of a late bloomer

-At an early stage of his development on both ends of the floor. Game moves a little too fast for him at times. Feel for the game is a work in progress
-Fairly limited offensive player at this point in time. Skill-level is not polished
-Prefers to face the basket. Doesn’t have the footwork or mentality to take advantage of his height and strength advantage inside the paint
-Has had success from the high school 3-point line, but has funky (but consistent) shooting mechanics. Shoots a moon ball it from his fingertips with a low release point and little rotation
-Lacks a degree of awareness and physicality on the glass. Averaged only 7 rebounds in 25 minutes in the Nike EYBL
-May lack a degree of toughness. Allows himself to get pushed around at times. Doesn’t always look fully engaged. Gets down on himself
-Looks like he’s playing at half speed sometimes
-Mobile, but not terribly explosive. Can play above the rim, but not a high flyer. Not fast-twitch with his reactions to things happening on the floor

Outlook Son of former San Antonio Spurs player Jaren Jackson Sr. Played a fairly small role for USA, 14 minutes per game, mostly in garbage time. Looks like a lottery pick from a physical standpoint on first glance, and shows flashes of potentially developing into one down the road, but has a long ways to go at this point.

Jackson joining Poole (and Bowen) at La Lu

Wow, they’re pretty loaded

We hope poole is a great recruiter, Jackson and Bowen would be huge.


He definitely loves Michigan, at the very least.

If he could get just one of them, he would be the best recruiter on the ‘staff’

Selling them as trio would be pretty amazing. Not sure why Bowen would go to state. Bridges and Langford aren’t locks to leave.

Honestly not sure how kids don’t see that coach b is the best choice for development to get you to the nba for perimeter players. He should own izzo in recruiting for anyone with pro aspirations. Seems like common sense/ big part of the pitch. Let’s hope Poole shows them the light on this.

I think Bridges is widely considered a one and done. But I agree with you on JB>Izzo, when it comes to wing development

Interesting, let’s see if the chemistry works out between Poole, Bowen and Jackson.

Over on the scout site, I read that UM is still trying to get Jackson back for another visit.

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The best offers we have left for '17 are him and bowen, landing one of those would be huge. Poole is hopefully working on these two guys.

I’d take either in a heartbeat. Both can make an impact as freshman. Just thought I’d share that we are still trying with Jackson because it seemed we may have stopped recruiting him

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For sure we should take either one that is interested. Both are much more talented than any of our other offers currently and neither one seems to be a one and done at this point, so getting them for 2 years at a minimum would be huge. Thanks for the update

Jackson’s recruitment still cloudy, but he just visited Purdue and MSU.

“I don’t know. I really schedule them on short notice because I don’t know when I’m going to be available to take them. I’m taking it day by day and I feel like if I need to see a school or want to visit, I will,” he said. “I’m not cutting my list. I know a lot of people cut it publicly, but I’m not going to do that. I could actually commit at any time. It could be in the spring, or it could be tomorrow. It just depends.”

Fingers crossed for Gtown. This one hurts, kind of like Leaf, just because he’s so obviously a perfect fit for us, being the truest, best JB 4 in his tenure. I guess a lot of teams could say that, though.

Yeah I really don’t want him in the Big Ten.