2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



Do we know Wilson can play and be counted on to play some minutes? I thought he was going to be backing up the 3 this year?


The plan for Wilson is to backup the four this year. There’s also been talk of Duncan defending fours at times this year as well. Both of those options are obviously unproven.

An additional forward still seems like a possibility as well. Someone like Justin Smith, if they push for him, would also probably be a 3/4 in this system at least to start.

All of these things really don’t relate much to Livers and how he fits though.


So the alternative option is to not take Livers? Than we have who playing the four?


Look I am not saying Livers cant be a good defender at the 4, my point was that the 3 and 4 may be interchangable on offense, but less so on offense.


Well one reason we care about Glenn not being a traditional stretch 4 is because part of the reason he left early was he didn’t want to play the 4 anymore.


Maybe he didn’t want to bang down low on defense. Because as has been said before numerous times, there is not much difference between the 3 and 4 on offense. Perhaps he thought that playing the 3 would give him more chances to create. in reality, though he was never better than the 3rd best creator on the team. If he were, he would have had the ball in his hands more often–even at the 4.


Yes, this is the point that I think all of the Livers detractors are missing: even if there were better 4-spot players on our board, Livers is certainly good, and ready to commit. So many have complained about JB not putting himself out there enough, then getting stuck with last-minute, low-ranked players.

Not only are we taking the bird in the hand, but all of these players are ranked 60-120.

Obviously Id love to get some 5-star-power, but weve been burned by waiting for those guys enough times over the last few years, that taking the 60-120 guys to lay a foundation is an essential step.


The alternative is to keep on recruiting for the 4.


With no guarantees of getting a commit. I don’t think the gap between Livers and Young/Smith/Tillman is big enough to slow play the bird in hand. Besides, we can still go after Cain, Smith, and Tillman because they can all play/defend the three and the latter two could also defend the four IMO.

And if you’re so concerned about the position to the point that you aren’t confident in Wilson playing there effectively at this point in time (which I think most of us are in that boat with you) then you should still be satisfied in getting a solidly regarded commit that projects to the four by every scouting service and analyst.

I don’t really see what there is to complain about.


This. Plus it seems like a good bet we’ll add Johns in 2018, at which point the four could become our best position.


Any of you on twitter might want to keep an eye on the Endless Motor twitter. MattD or Guestavo is at Livers’ game against Detroit Western. Sounds like he’s having a good first half.




Can’t remember what MattD’s original opinion on Livers was…was he this high on him always or should we take this as a great sign?


I remember him being pretty positive, but not like this.


Yeah he liked him as a complementary piece, but didn’t necessarily love him. So, this praise is definitely a major change in his opinion. Although in general he is way more complimentary on his Endless Motor account/website because professionalism, but this does seem different.


True, he calls every player profiled on his site an “elite athlete” whereas he certainly doesn’t apply that to every player we discuss here (and rightly so). Personally, I think Livers is a nice complementary piece. Still bummed about Cain, though.


The benefit of Wilson’s emergence this season is Livers doesn’t have to come in and be “the guy” at the 4-spot as a freshman. Livers can play a 10-12 min/game role as a fresh and learn the college pace/Beilein system in low-leverage usage.

And if he’s able to handle a more pronounced role, he can earn his way into it.


He liked him but thought he was like 140 range. He started to change his tune this summer though I remember. He was pretty high on him after he showed out in aau. I think he ended up thinking his ESPN 70 range ranking was spot on livers is a nice pick up,

Wilson will be starting the next two years though unless someone big comes through. i still really wish we went after Tillman though.

I also think we would have had young. I can’t decide who I like more between Kyle or Isaiah. Either way livers is a good athlete who can shoot the three. I have faith him and Poole will be s