2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



One commit on his AAU team. One commit on his prep school team.


@MChem83 And who would that be? I just looked at their roster and there is nobody comparable. Izzo runs a meat and potatoes offense and stresses defense and rebounding. There’s nobody comparable on their roster or in their recruiting pipeline. Bridges might be the closest, but he’ll be gone by '17 most likely. Nick Ward has a different skill-set (banger). Livers made the right choice coming to UM where his offensive skill-set will be appreciated and featured.


Reminds me of Glenn Big Dog Robinson with his quick and high shot release.


Solid pick up. Wish we had got to see what young thought or maybe even Tillman if we offered. Class filled up quick


I like Livers but Young will be the best 4 amongst the group we are recruiting. Positions may not matter much ok offense in JBs system but it sure as hell matters on defense and rebounding. Young was the best 4 we had a real chance at.


I think he would have chose us too


I agree, he is going to be a good one and I hope we didn’t miss on young. I understand he could’ve committed by now but I was really hoping for him.


As they say, you cruise you lose. I’m glad the staff is being more aggressive this year and putting a little bit of pressure on kids to decide. At the end of the day whether a kid is a 120 or an 80, those 40 points are probably the margin of error. It would also be interesting to know the coaches’ perception of the level of interest.


Every scouting report I’ve read said Livers is a good perimeter defender and has good footwork down low with only strength needed. I don’t get how you can use that as an argument when Young is a legitimately bad perimeter defender and average in the post.


Michigan has a decent chance with Bowen. Not good not bad

2017 - F - Brian Bowen (offer)

I hoe that’s true, he could make this class a top 5 one for sure


I like Livers a lot I just hope they can get some upper tier guys to mix with these guys. Maybe guys like Brooks/Livers will move up but they aren’t consensus top 100 guys. I hope it won’t come down to Livers/Brooks/Simpson/Poole/Matthews having to carry the load next year.


Livers has some tools in the shed…I like his frame and he has a good base which as he adds strength and explosion in a college S&C program, it will help him deal with stronger 4’s in the post. He has to put in the work but if he does, he will be an impact player at UM.


It really doesn’t matter if Izzo has someone with the same kind of game as a Beilien 4 but better. The question is, does he have guys he can plug in at HIS kind of 4 that have more talent and athleticism, and will do a better job of helping his team win than Livers will do for us? I don’t think there’s any question that he does, and he may have more in his 2017 class. That makes it look like a recruit at Livers’ level will still have us playing catch up.


I think given Brooks, Poole, and Livers that we need to add some athleticism with this last slot to go with Matthews.


He was not at the top of my list for targets at the four, but he’s good enough that I don’t think you could wait on those other guys and hope he’s still there if we didn’t get my more preferred players. Can shoot and will eventually be big enough to guard the more burly fours we come across and enough athleticism to guard some stretch fours.


Part of me was hoping we’d either get Tillman or go the opposite direction and get 2 of Bowen/Wilkes/Cain/Smith but if Livers can hit 3’s, we haven’t really had a good shooter from the 4 since Novak so I guess that could be something to get excited about.


It’s apples and oranges. I appreciate that you’re making some sort of comparative advantage argument, i.e. Nick Ward as a traditional PF v Livers stretch 4, but it can only be proven on the court. Can Ward at 6’8" 240 guard Livers on the perimeter? I doubt it. Likewise Ward is a load in the post. In a head to head matchup it’s an empirical question, ratings don’t matter.


Reiterating a bit of what tmcc said–Livers looks to me like a kid who will respond very well to lifting weights and eating right. He has a solid frame and good athleticism but looks like he hasn’t yet spent much time really working on his body. Similar to Jordan Morgan, while being tall he looks very coordinated. I love his shooting too! The kid has a lot of “already in the bank assets” that he can build off of if he puts the work into it…I will be very surprised if he is does not have a successful career for us.


How Livers would do face-to-face against his Spartan counterpart is really a minor factor, since we’ll only play them once or twice in an 18 game BT season. What’s more important is how much each will contribute to their team’s success over the course of the whole year. Will Livers do better against Indiana than his counterpart? Against Purdue, Maryland, Iowa, Wisconsin? That’s how you really judge their relative value.