2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)


I think we should be scouring for back up plans. I’m interested in all the potential transfers from coach changes and grad transfers. What about all the kids from Indiana, Illinois, Dayton, Washington, cal ect. Still lots of 17s left too.

One grad transfer who is interesting is freeman from Baylor. If we don’t trust Eli to run the back up or MAar then he’d be very good. Hell he could compete with x , though I’d prefer x run things. Nice pg who is also a very good three ball shooter. I could see him getting nice minutes at either spot and we surprisingly could use a shooter for once at those spots.


Also nc st has a lot of talent going to waste, maybe a few would like to leave.


You missed my point. Both Brown and Bamba were asked to be recruited, the staff did not approach them first. Someone in their camp initiated the contact. Bamba likes M and Brown has close family members who are alumni and big basketball fan. Both are top 3 recruits and we had legitimate shot, but Beilein for whatever reasons, did not approach them first. And I don’t think that it takes much effort to have someone on staff contact top 10-15 recruits just in case they have genuine interests. I understand that we are a football school and should be realistic with recruiting strategy, but it does not mean that we have no opportunities.


Yup, fun game, I remember Bill Raftery saying we took the heart out of havoc, or something like that. Pretty good game for a versatile big, McGary, too.


If it makes you feel any better, apparently Bamba likes Michigan’s different approach:


No, I understood your point but I don’t think the Michigan brand is that much of a draw or that a couple of exceptions in 10 years makes a pattern. Having said that, you’re right, maybe Beilein can use Donlon and Washington to do a better job of taking temperatures. I just have a feeling that he’s not a one-and-done type coach. He seems to want to out-scheme and out-execute which generally requires development and experience.


MIGHT be nothing. Bamba just posted on instagram and said “it’s official” with a duke hat on and a Kentucky sweatshirt. Not sure if that’s his final two or not.


And this is why I try so hard not to get into recruiting :frowning:

[edit: Although it looks like he deleted it? I just went to his account and the most recent one is him on the Great Wall of China].


It wasn’t a picture, it was one of those video things. Not sure what it’s called.


Well either way, in the hour since I posted that he’s made his account private: https://www.instagram.com/therealmobamba_/?hl=en

The plot thickens.


Our recruiting sweet spot is kids in the top 50-150 who we feel are underrated. We should pursue those kids and the occasional recruitable five star.

Our track record of going head to head with the likes of Duke and Kentucky is not good. Nor is our track record with five star guys.



Is there a better school for him than Michigan if sees himself as a stretch 4?


Seems like Bamba is just messing around in the Instagram video, but who knows.



we were not competing with Duke and Kentucky for Jaylen Brown. and the main competition for Bamba could well be Texas.

i am not criticizing JB for staying away from most top recruits but he should at least try to see if there are some exceptions, in a less passive way.


yeah he definitely was just trying troll people with the Duke hat shot.


He was ovbliously trolling because he had a U.K. shirt on.


Those two officially eliminated


Lol that would be nice. Wish this would just end already :slight_smile:


Jaylen Brown might not the best example for your argument. He went to Cal to play for Cuonzo Martin who does things JB probably wouldn’t do (like hiring the father of the number one recruit to a contract for $1.2 million over three years). I don’t know that anything untoward happened with Brown, but it’s not like Martin or the Cal program have the cleanest reputation. Also, Rabb stayed home to play at Cal and played a big role in bringing Brown. It’s a bit like Bridges and Winston. And, in the end, JB got to make his pitch to both Brown and Bamba over a full official visit.