2017-18 Bracketology


I gotta take Blue on home court and JB is always tough to beat twice in one year!


Somebody, in this thread or another, pointed out how important it is to have Livers back, to defend KBD; and I think that’s a great point. KBD will likely eat Duncan’s lunch. Even if you shift CM onto KBD, then MAAR, Poole, or Duncan have to guard Tate, who plays too strong for any of those guys. I guess the best option would be CM-KBD/MAAR-Tate; at least then Duncan can matchup with A. Wesson; but I think we’d really need Moe to own K. Wesson, to win against the KBD/Tate matchups.


Or a little 2-3 zone that we haven’t seen in awhile? Might be worth it if we have no Livers. Especially when Dakich is in


Gonzaga is an “easy omission” too though, as their RPI is 36. Their resume ranks are as weak as Rhode Island’s quality ranks. If the question was whether the committee was going to do away with RPI completely and just go with the computer numbers, sure, we have our answer – but was that really a question? The more open question is whether the committee will value more the super average or the straight up RPI.

And yes, I think the quadrants will be very important, and they are RPI based, though they do take location into account.


I’d disagree for sure on Gonzaga. They have 5 top 50 RPI wins and only one of those is at home. That’s extremely solid. (Since the quadrants are RPI-based, I’m looking at the RPIs for their wins.) You have a team that went out and did some work in the non-con and metric based tools love them. They’re getting disregarded because their conference hurts their RPI.

On the other hand, Rhode Island hasn’t won anything on the road. Best road win is at #115 Dayton. They have three top 50 RPI wins and two are at home.

Guess we’ll see how big of an impact the quadrants have in a few weeks.


Everyone is complaining about the RPI and the RPI is not a perfect or even great system, but if you broke down the quadrant wins with KenPom to deteremine them the results would be very similar. The point is that the committee looks very closely at things like how many good wins you have (especially away from home) and applies a lot of weight there.


Also this guy hit the nail almost on the head… Might be worth tracking.


Where can I find a projected big ten tournament bracket?





There’s a real chance that PSU and Maryland could both be RPI Top 75 teams at year end. That would mean Michigan’s final 3 games are all Q1 chances in the eyes of the committee.


Would definitely be nice if our top 40 (KenPom) road games were accounted for as tier 1


What would say is M magic number wins to get in? I can’t see this M team netting 23 victories and not getting in.


If we win two of our last four games, we will get in.


Michigan’s resume is going to be pretty weird. Only two quadrant 1 home or neutral games all year.

That OSU game is obviously huge for tournament/resume reasons, but I think that could be a huge seed push with a W. More so than expected. Beating a top 20 RPI team at home and losing by one to another. Shows the team could’ve done work if provided more opportunities. I would hope that weighs in if people say they’re low on quadrant 1 wins.


I’m frustrated we’re being slotted as 8 or 9, I’m confident we’re much better than that. Especially if you look at our losses it was almost always close and to good teams. Hopefully ucla and Texas keep winning. Really wish we didn’t have a meltdown against Ohio st. A huge beating on the road there would have looked great.

I feel pretty good about this Ohio st game. I’m convinced we’re the better team and we’re home. Hopefully that proves correct.


I think 8 or 9 fits our resume and how we’ve been playing lately. Obviously winning the OSU game will change things, but Texas and MSU remain our only really good resume wins.


Unfortunately Texas is fading fast and only .5 games out of last place in Big 12. Eleven losses already with 3-4 more probably coming.


Bleh. Our resume is actually kinda crappy tbh. Losing to LSU and then having to play Chaminade and VCU really hurts seed-wise.


But the Big 12 is loaded and they still have a chance to stay in the top-75 RPI (currently at 55).