2017-18 Bracketology


True/fair/good catch. After going through everything, would probably put 2/3 together for both (2-1, 2-1), and your correction may give them an argument for the stronger schedule (home UCLA/ND a wash, at NC/TX vs Neut NC/Duke) and definitely stronger performance +9.7 vs our +0.3


edit: My point has already been issued.


Is there a bracket challenge group for here that I can’t find? I could’ve sworn I saw a post about it, but I can’t seem to locate it.

update: I was looking in this thread, not for a topic on the board. Found it.


Plays for today:

Rhode Island -1.5
South Dakota State +9


South Dakota State feels like a trap.


Sometimes the obvious move is actually the right move even if it’s a little fishy. See MTSU vs Minnesota last year


Hope not. Don’t like OSU chances of beating anybody by double digits.


Iona +20.5 is my big one today


They are down 14 at the half.


Definitely didn’t count on Duke going 10 of 17 so far or Duval getting 13 in the first half by himself. I will say I still hate Duke’s zone so much. So lazy and it’s like their only gameplan is “we have more talent and that’s all we need”. Hope it bites them sooner rather than later


Hope they get past MSU before it bites them. Win win


Preferably after they whallop MSU, right?


I raked some nice cash yesterday with two close covers.

Just not feeling anybody today, think I’ll sit this session out.

Does anyone have a live dog they like today?