2016 target-Ben Coupet

Apparently we are still in contact with Ben for the 16 class, don’t know much about his game other than he had big time hype as a freshman but hasn’t developed like expected. Article is from first of November.


Really hope we are after Kostas Antetokounmpo, huge potential but who knows what is going on.

Kostas would be awesome. A legit 4 man but I’m pretty sure all of our scholarships are given away.

We are already 1 over the limit for 2016. We would have to have 2 non seniors leave the team to make room.

Sort of. Donnal isn’t getting a 5th year unless something drastic happens so we’re basically right on.

Probably keeping feelers out there in case there’s any early entries/transfers which is a wise thing to do.

Donnal is a junior this year, so he still has another year left.

Ah sorry I was thinking of the affects on 2017.

We need donnal out after this year desperately. Doyle can start and teske is already better than donnal as we speak. Chatman may be on his way out? He has talent but I don’t think it fits this team or big ten basketball.

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I like Teske, but I don’t see him coming in and being a factor right away.

I think he could. Being a 7-footer almost instantly makes his length a problem and an intimidating factor. I’m not saying he can play 30 minutes but 5-10 would be reasonable. I believe in time the dj and Wagner will be the constant 4 men. Next year I could easily see the following.

Pg- Walton, Simpson
Sg- Irvin, MAAR
Sf- Robinson, Dawkins
Pf- Wilson, Wagner
C- Doyle, teske

Ibi will play some if he can consistently knock down 3’s. But those 10 right there I feel pretty good about. I think Walton and Irvin take their games to another level with Levert out of the picture. Unless chatman has an unbelievable summer, he is most likely done at Michigan. Davis could potentially play but I see teske’s defense being too good to leave him out of the rotation. I’m pretty excited for next year.

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Davis will likely redshirt (or Teske). I like your 2 deep. That is pretty much how I see it.